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About Broscience
About BroScience

Broscience | Where experience meets expertise

Founded in 2012 as we had grown tired of seeing what the fitness industry was becoming. Getting real fact-checked information from reliable sources was getting harder and harder.

Since then we’ve worked nonstop to give our readers the most reliable news and guides from the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Now more than ever it is necessary to maintain a publication that takes fitness seriously.

At you will find answers to your muscle building and fat loss questions, written by top bodybuilding coaches and personal trainers, verified by experts. You will find reliable news and inspiring stories from the world of strength sports. Welcome to the revolution.

Our Promise

Everyone on team Broscience is committed to delivering the most trust-worthy content in the world of fitness and strength. All news is verified, content published is fact-checked, products recommended are tried and tested. 

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