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Fasted Cardio

The debate between high intensity and low intensity cardio has not been fully resolved. The discussion is left in the state of “it depends,”. The two opposing sides have advantages and disadvantages associated with them. If you can’t recover from the impact of high intensity training, then low intensity training is the best option for …

Truths About Food and Health Issues

Everyday we’re bombarded with bits and pieces of information regarding food. You get to see them on TV, hear about them on the radio and read about them on the internet. But is X food really good for curing or healing X health problems? Which is the truth? It seems that the old ways are …


Your post-training activities play a key role in deciding the extent of your training progress. Hard training promotes muscle growth but it has to be supported by the right combination of nutrients. Immediately after a strenuous workout, the muscle cells tend to enhance the protein synthesis process in order to make new proteins for muscle …


There seems to be great debate over whether fruits should make up part of our diets, and if so how much due to the presence of fructose in them. Let’s review some basics and some more information you may not have known about fructose, so that you can make a wise decision. What is Fructose? …

global benefits of vegetarianism

With many challenging the sustainability of importing so much food from far away, we are beginning to ask if switching to a vegetarian diet to cut emissions, due to high meat demands, is sustainable as one might think. The influence of the global trade of food on local diets and ethnic choices has exploded over …

Glycerol For Fast Body Building

Glycerol Monosterate supplements are available the world over. They are preferred by many athletes and sports persons because they help raise endurance and energy levels and facilitate fat loss in the body thereby causing the body to lose all excess weight. They are also not very expensive. Glycerol keeps the body hydrated by because when …



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