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If you’re a serious gym junkie you might already be familiar with the most effective products for bodybuilding—but what about the best powerlifting supplements?

It’s often difficult to find specific information relating to pure powerlifting enhancers.

You agree, right?

So many articles consider that every single weight freak is obsessed with obtaining the perfect bodybuilding physique—all over definition, symmetry, and size.

But what about us guys who just wanna lift—and lift freakin’ big? These articles never answer the question, what supplements do powerlifters take?

Well, finally there’s a solution.

This article is going to address the imbalance and ensure that powerlifters are finally catered for.

I’ve put together the most awesome products to enable you to power through those important squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.

These supplements have been specifically chosen to ensure you have the raw animal-like strength to push out to the max.

Let’s crack on and discover the best powerlifting supplements.

The Best Powerlifting Supplements

1. Creatine

creatine for powerlifting

If you were to choose just one supplement for phenomenal powerlifting results—it should be creatine.

Let me tell you why.

When you think of powerlifting, one thing immediately springs to mind—that explosion of pure strength lifting the weights.

This surge comes from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) forcing the contraction of the muscles1

The issue is—your body doesn’t have limitless supplies of ATP. Just like the gasoline in your car, once the fuel is exhausted—everything stops. This means you can’t push out that important, all-essential final rep. 2

And, for the powerlifter, that rep is priceless.

Whereas the bodybuilder knocks out 8 to 12 reps per set, the powerlifter hits generally around the 3–5 mark. This means every single additional rep gains in importance—without it, awesome strength cannot be built.

Creatine works to replenish ATP, allowing you to power through longer and reach your target rep count. 3

Here’s the issue.

While the body can synthesize creatine, and it’s ingested through eating food such as chicken or beef, quantities are totally insufficient for the demanding powerlifter. 4 5

There’s a solution.

Obtaining creatine through supplementation loads the body with this awesome compound. More creatine = more ATP = increased endurance. 6

This impressive stamina building process makes it one of the best powerlifting supplements.

2. Pre Workout

pre workout supplement

Whether you’re looking for a boost to training, or an extra kick during a competition, a pre-workout is invaluable.

These supplements, usually taken around 30–45 minutes before your session, can provide impressive benefits for the powerlifter.

These benefits include:

  • Raising determination and desire.
  • Increasing mental focus.
  • Rocketing raw power.
  • Raising stamina.
  • Alleviating muscle fatigue.
  • Speeding up post-training recovery.
  • Boosting energy—without crashing.
  • Elevating muscle oxygen delivery.

But, here’s a quick warning.

With pre-workouts, probably more than any other supplement, it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all.

Even the best pre-workouts on the market may not be ideal for the powerlifter.

Many of these products are designed for sports involving high-cardio action—while extremely effective if you’re a cyclist or a runner, they will only offer minimal benefits to the heavy metal freak.

Hence, to ensure you have one of the best powerlifting supplements, always choose a pre-workout that includes:


Lifting the seriously heavy iron involves more than just nuclear-like strength. To summon up the determination to hit that final rep you need some massive focus. And that’s what caffeine provides. 10

In addition, caffeine is a powerful stimulant. During the most intense sessions, you can find yourself flagging—this ingredient allows you to push through that barrier.11

Finally, recent studies have shown that caffeine can improve strength in resistance-trained lifters, and muscle power. 12 13

Citrulline Malate

This amino acid has two important characteristics for the bodybuilder: fatigue busting and strength boosting.

Citrulline malate can increase the amount of nitric oxide in the blood, which in turn allows the muscles to work harder and longer—without fatigue setting in. The more sets you can achieve, the stronger you will become. 14

There’s more.

Studies say that supplementing with this amino acid increases strength and anaerobic power prior to sporting competition. 15


One of the biggest enemies of the powerlifter is acidosis. This happens during intense lifting, where lactic acid build-up becomes so high, excruciating pain is felt—forcing the lifter to prematurely end the set.

At the very least this is frustrating, at worst it can ruin your workout and the results you desire.

Research has shown that beta-alanine reduces lactic acid build-up—allowing you to finish your set. 16

You may be wondering:

What’s the best pre-workout?

prefierce pre-workout

Right now the #1 pre-workout is PreFierce.

It’s the most powerful (yet 100% safe) pre-workout right now.

It gave me amazing pumps and supercharged my energy levels.

On top of that, it tastes amazing!

Some of the highlights include:

  • Citrulline Malate (7,000 mg) – Super impressive dose of the #1 pump ingredient
  • Beta Alanaine (3,500 mg) – Finally a properly dosed beta alanine pre-workout to boost power and strength
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2,500 mg) – Added pump amplifies that also helps boost strength
  • L-Theanine (250mg) & Caffeine (250mg) – ‘Smart Caffeine’ combination for high energy and mental focus
  • VASO6 Green Tea Extract (150 mg) – Patented pump amplifier
  • Coconut Water Powder Complex (300 mg) – Keeps you hydrated and boosts electrolytes

Expect to pay a premium for this pre-workout though. One scoop of this is double the size of average competitors.

Learn more: order now at / view our guide to to top 3 pre workouts 

3. BCAAs

bcaa powder

Leucine, valine, and isoleucine form the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). 17

These BCAAs are as popular in bodybuilding as they are in powerlifting. However, whereas in the former they are concerned mainly with muscle gain and fat loss to form the perfect ripped physique—their use in powerlifting is more diverse.

Here’s the bad news.

These three compounds cannot be manufactured by the human body, hence they have to be ingested. The problem is, for the hardcore lifter, obtaining sufficient BCAAs from food is difficult—supplementation is the answer.

The main benefits of BCAAs for the powerlifter are as follows.

Building of Muscle

Without muscle, that heavy bar is going to remain on the floor or rack. The BCAA leucine kick-starts muscle protein synthesis—the repair of microtraumas—allowing the muscles to develop both larger and stronger. 18


Your mind is focused, and you’re determined to power through those three immense reps—but if your muscles say No! after the first two, your resolve is useless.

BCAAs increase your endurance. Isoleucine promotes the production of hemoglobin—the blood’s oxygen carrier. The more oxygen the muscles receive, the longer they can be worked. 19


The best powerlifting supplements don’t always need to be about strength and endurance.

As a powerlifter, you’re working your body to the absolute max. Problem is this can take its toll—tiredness, strains and the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can set in, possibly affecting your return to the gym.

As mentioned above, BCAAs increase oxygen availability for the muscles, which allows them to both recover and rebuild faster.

Furthermore, research from 2018 has shown that BCAA supplementation taken pre-workout can alleviate the onset of DOMS. 20 21

Three key benefits of BCAAs

  • Helping to retain muscle—energy is utilized from glucose instead of muscle mass.
  • Supporting the immune system—no missed gym sessions.22
  • Elevating human growth hormone (HGH) levels. 23

What’s the best BCAA supplement?

Find out in our article on the Top 7 BCAA brands that actually work.

4. NO2 Boosters

no2 booster

Nitric oxide (NO) has one main function—vasodilation. That is, this gas acts to open up the circulatory system, allowing an easy pathway for the blood.

As the name suggests, nitric oxide boosters are designed to elevate the amount of available nitric oxide within the body. 24

If you have a great pre-workout it most likely has many ingredients that boost nitric oxide levels.

Let me be clear.

These supplements themselves do not include any nitric oxide. Instead, they create the perfect conditions for production—that is, they stimulate the body into creating more.

Typically, these supplements include the amino acids l-arginine and l-citrulline—proven nitric oxide boosters. 25 26

Citrulline is considered more effective than Arginine.

So, why are they one of the best powerlifting supplements?

Opening up the blood vessels, and therefore delivering increased oxygen throughout the body’s muscles and tissues, provides immense benefits for the powerlifter.

These include:

Reducing Muscle Soreness

Recent research exposed 41 people to intense barbell-resistance exercise: lifting through to the point of fatigue. Some were given l-citrulline prior to this workout, others were provided with a placebo.

The results illustrated that those receiving citrulline, a major ingredient in most nitric oxide boosters, suffered 40 percent less muscle pain than those who took the placebo. 27

Reduces Blood Pressure

Even if you have only experienced powerlifting a few times, you can’t have failed to feel the surge of blood pulsing through your veins. As a spotter, it’s even more apparent—the typical ruby red face of your bro eking out that final rep.

Here’s the issue.

Lifting to these extremes places stress on the cardiovascular system. Experts tell us that intense heavy-resistance exercise raises blood pressure. 28

What’s more, it’s suggested that those suffering from hypertension should avoid powerlifting altogether.

Get this guys:

Nitric oxide boosters can lower blood pressure—protecting you and your body. 29

Enhances Stamina and Endurance

As mentioned in the pre-workout section, citrulline and arginine in nitric oxide boosters help to deliver increased levels of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles during resistance training. Thus, increasing the output work rate and heavier lifts.

Want to know what the best NO2 booster on the market is?

5. Whey Protein

whey protein powder

If you’ve only heard of one supplement, chances are that it’s whey protein. Probably the most popular product taken by bodybuilders, its ability to provide the foundations for muscle building is well known.

For guys looking to achieve massive muscle mass, it’s essential. Sourcing the volume of protein required to make these gains is difficult through diet alone.

However, for the powerlifter, muscle mass is not always the primary aim. To lift heavy weights, you need explosive strength, and that’s what whey protein can provide.

Here are the facts.

Protein supplementation increases strength in those undergoing resistance training. Equally important, protein is responsible for the function of the fast-twitch muscle fibers. 30 31

These fast-twitch fibers are responsible for the insane bursts of power required to lift the bar. Whey protein helps to strengthen and feed them—giving you more explosive power.

Furthermore, studies have shown that whey protein increases recovery time in the 24 hours post-training. 32

Other honorable mentions

There are some other supplements that you can use to stay healthy and that helps your bodywork on all cylinders.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 fish oil is good for the heart and can prevent heart disease.


If your diet is bland and missing any vitamins you might want to include a multivitamin supplement into your diet.

That way you can make sure you are getting all the required vitamin intake your body needs for maximum performance.


best powerlifting supplements

When you’re looking to lift like a beast, and with the explosive power of a cobra, these best powerlifting supplements will help you achieve these goals—fast.

We recommend having a good pre-workout that contains citrulline malate beta-alanine, caffeine, and betaine.

Creatine is one of the most scientifically proven ingredient available for increasing strength and power.

BCAA can help you recover faster after workouts, we recommend the 2x1x1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Whey protein is great to have post-workout and we suggest using a whey protein isolate or hydrolyzed whey protein.

With their ability to build muscle, skyrocket strength, boost recovery, and improve endurance, they’re an absolute must for the determined powerlifter.


What Supplements Should I Take to Get Stronger?

The best supplements for strength gains are Creatine and whey protein powder.

Is Creatine Good for Powerlifting?

Creatine is one of the best powerlifting supplements for the serious lifter. Its proven ability to increase endurance and stamina works equally as well in training or competition.

Do you need supplements to get stronger?

No you do not need supplements to get stronger, you will however need to train and lift weights.

Are powerlifting supplements dangerous?

Supplements such as creatine, bcaas, whey protein, and NO2 boosters are very safe.

Pre-workouts on the other hand can potentially be dangerous if they contain illegal ingredients or a very high dose of caffeine.

Should beginners use supplements to get stronger?

Beginners should focus on their diet and training before using any supplements.

Lifting technique, sleep, recovery,  how you structure your workouts, and what you eat are the most important things to increase strength.

Beginners should only use supplements if they know how to train right and diet.



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