Product Review Guidelines

At, our commitment to our readers is paramount. We understand the importance of trust and transparency, especially when it comes to the product reviews we present on our platform. Our product review guidelines ensure that every review, whether it’s for supplements, workout programs, or training gear, meets our rigorous standards for accuracy, objectivity, and scientific grounding.

1. Unbiased Reviews

  • Affiliate Relationships: While we maintain affiliate relationships with some products or brands, these relationships NEVER influence our review content. Every product, regardless of any commercial relationship, is reviewed objectively based on its own merits.
  • No Special Treatment: Products do not receive favorable reviews because of partnerships or commercial considerations. Our readers come first, and they deserve the truth about every product we review.

2. Scientific Approach

  • Evidence-Based Assessments: Our reviews are grounded in scientific principles. For supplements, this means analyzing ingredient lists against current scientific literature to determine effectiveness and safety. For workout programs and training gear, we look at functional design, effectiveness, and alignment with recognized exercise science guidelines.
  • Claims Verification: Any product claims are rigorously assessed. If a product promises certain results or benefits, we dive deep into the research to confirm or debunk those claims.

3. Anonymous Purchases

  • Hands-On Testing: We believe in experiencing products firsthand. To ensure unbiased testing, we purchase products anonymously. This means companies don’t know they’re being reviewed, ensuring we get the same experience as any other customer.
  • Real-World Use: Our reviewers spend time with each product, using it as any consumer would. This hands-on experience is crucial to understanding the practical pros and cons of each product.

4. Comprehensive Review Process

  • Multiple Perspectives: Whenever possible, multiple team members assess products to ensure a well-rounded perspective.
  • User Feedback: Beyond our own testing, we consider feedback from actual users to get a broader understanding of the product’s long-term performance and any potential issues that may not surface in shorter-term testing.

5. Open Disclosure

  • Affiliate Links: Any affiliate links in our reviews will be clearly disclosed, ensuring our readers are always aware of our commercial relationships.
  • Transparency: If there’s any other relationship with a product or company beyond affiliate links (like sponsored content), it will be clearly communicated.


Our reputation rests on the trust of our readership. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. At, you can rely on our reviews to be fair, accurate, and always in service of helping you make the best decisions for your health and fitness journey. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we pledge to always uphold these standards in our product reviews.