Larry Wheels Relapses: Returns to Steroid Use After Being 90% Natural for 1 Year

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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Larry Wheels, the famed powerlifter, bodybuilder, and influencer, recently shared a heartfelt and revealing video on his YouTube channel.

In this candid confession, Larry admits to relapsing into steroid use after previously vowing to stay clean.

He also discusses his decision to abandon competitive bodybuilding for the sake of his health, business, and personal life.

The Relapse

A Return to Steroids

Larry Wheels begins the video by addressing his relapse into steroid use. He explains that he had been off steroids for a year but started using them again three months ago.

“Last year, I made a video saying I stopped steroids, and I had. As of three months ago, I relapsed and gone back on a full steroid cycle.”

Larry attributes this decision to the pressures and challenges he faced in his business, PR Lifestyle, and his new gym.

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The Reason Behind the Decision

Larry acknowledges that his decision to return to steroids was a panic-driven attempt to bring more attention to his brand and stabilize his business. He admits that this was a cowardly move, driven by fear rather than passion or genuine interest in competitive bodybuilding.

“I faced several challenges with my company PR that led me to go into panic mode and make a decision to pursue bodybuilding in an attempt to bring more eyeballs on what I’m doing and, in turn, help my brand get back to where it was and even better. Now, that is a massive mistake.”

The Wrong Motivation

No Passion for Competitive Bodybuilding

Despite his impressive achievements in strength sports, Larry reveals that competitive bodybuilding was never his true passion. His primary interest has always been lifting heavy and hitting personal records, not posing or competing on stage.

“Me choosing to get back into bodybuilding was not from a place of passion… It was coming from a place of desperation. Let me get on stage, let me win my Pro card, and that will put eyeballs on me, what I’m doing, on my brand, and that will help me build my business. But that is the wrong approach.”

Impact on Personal Life

Larry also highlights the negative impact that competitive bodybuilding has on his personal life, especially his relationship with his wife. He confesses that the rigorous demands of bodybuilding make him irritable, sleep-deprived, and unhappy, which strains his marriage.

“When I’m on the kitchen sink as a cycle—Tren, Clen, T3, Anavar, this, that, everything I can get my hands on—in efforts to become Pro and be a competitive bodybuilder, it changes me. It changes who I am.”

A Shift in Focus

Prioritizing Health and Business

Larry announces his decision to pull out of his planned competition and refocus on his business and personal well-being. He emphasizes that he wants to build a sustainable future for himself and his wife, free from the unhealthy demands of competitive bodybuilding.

“I’m going to dive in the deep end and I’m pulling out of this competition I said I would do. I don’t want to get my Pro card. I don’t want to pursue being a competitive athlete anymore because it’s a distraction from what I want out of my life.”

New Aspirations

Larry expresses his desire to transition from being a competitive athlete to a mentor and motivator in the fitness industry. He aims to help others discover their potential and achieve their fitness goals without compromising their health or personal lives.

“My purpose here is to motivate people to get in the gym, to find the version of fitness that suits them best… I want to be in that position. I want to take on that mentor role and be able to help those diamonds in the rough get the deserved attention and opportunity.”


Larry Wheels’ candid confession is a powerful reminder of the pressures and challenges faced by athletes in the competitive fitness industry. His decision to prioritize health, family, and business over the demands of competitive bodybuilding is a testament to his growth and maturity. Fans and followers can expect to see a new, more balanced Larry Wheels as he embarks on this next chapter of his life.

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