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Kyriakos Grizzly Strongman – Who is He? (Weight, Height, Age)

Kyriakos Grizzly (Kyriakos Kapakoulak) the greek strongman/powerlifter has been taking the internet by storm for the last couple of years. He uses unconventional exercises to build up his strength and his physique is nothing short of astonishing.

Kyriakos Grizzly stats

His weight is FULL he stepped on the weight and the weight simply said FULL, which means he is over 200kg which was the limit for the weight scale.

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Kyriakos Grizzly is 46 years old, his weight is 212 kg’s and is height is 185 cm.

Kyriakos Grizzly frequently posts videos of his crazy training regime on Youtube using heavy weights to increase strength.

Kyriakos has also posted boxing footage and seems to be a heavy hitter, I can guarantee you wouldn’t wanna fight this guy.

He trains in a hardcore basement gym which is way different from the normal gyms most people train in today.

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He has gained a large following on Youtube because his unconventional workouts draw attention. He has also gotten a lot of negative feedback as some of the commentors state that these exercises are useless and his form isn’t good.

He also has some videos of himself doing more conventional exercises such as the bench press and squats.

One thing is for certain, Kyriakos grizzly is a strong dude. There is no denying that his weight isn’t just fat there is also some serious muscle and strength there.

So how did Kyriakos Grizzly become this Internet sensation?

It all started around 8 years ago when he started posting his training videos to youtube.

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His size, his roars,his screaming, his unconventional training methods have drawn attention and it seems like people are either impressed by him or find his approach amusing.

His Bench press video of him benching 200kg’s was his first popular video, as he used a pad on the bar, bounced the weight of his stomach instead of doing clean reps.

Did he intentionally do “cheat reps” do gain attention?

Who knows, but this video has been watched over 250 thousand times on youtube.

Kyriakos doesn’t lift lightweights, everything this beast posts are videos of him lifting serious weight.

He loads the bar with weights and does unconventinal lifts which many people do not recognize.

His most popular quote is ” You have to live it” and he definitely does live it.

Even though his lifts may not be good enough for powerlifting competition he is doing what he loves and he is “living it”

His most viewed video on his channel is quite funny, as the first part comes from a completely unrelated interview of a woman who says “I know what men can do when they are angry”

Then Kyrikos Grizzly comes lifing heavy weights, roaring and screaming.

Kyriakos Grizzly is also known as “the bloat lord” online. I guess that name suits him as he looks like has been bulking for the past 20 years, but I am going to cut him some slack.

Most strongmen and many powerlifters have fat on their bodies. Kyriakos Grizzly is no different, this guy definitely does not care about having a six-pack he cares more about building strength and muscle mass.

His diet must consist of a ton of calories per day as it will be hard to maintain the size he has if he isn’t eating at least 4000-6000+ calories per day.

With strongman and powerlifting come injuries in one video Kyriakos posts about his bicep tear were he falls on his back after tearing the bicep muscle.

Kyriakos grizzly makes the internet a better place, his entertaining videos, his crazy workout style, his roars make him quite entertaining and he is getting more popular.

He loves what he does and he shares it with the world despite having many haters and people making fun of him.

I hope he continues to entertain the world with his crazy videos and I want to thank you for reading this post about Kyriakos Grizzly aka “Bloatmaxx” or “The bloat lord”

Check out his youtube channel and instagram to see more videos and pictures of this beast of a man.

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