Alpha Prime Elite Review: Just another free trial scammer? Or Does it really work?

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alpha prime elite reviewMake sure you read this Alpha Prime Elite review, as I guarantee it will save you time and money!

Let me guess, you’re probably here because you are looking for a testosterone booster, right?

It’s like this.

From time to time we all need an extra boost, whether it’s to our training, recovery times or just general well-being. This is particularly important when we are trying to build muscle, drop fat and become generally ripped.

But no matter how hard we train, the results don’t come fast enough or are a little disappointing.

Warning! Dear Alpha Prime Elite reader: This booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

You agree with me, right?

Well there is an answer! I promise that!

Guys have found that by using proven and safe testosterone boosters (T-boosters) they have been gaining muscle mass like freakin’ beasts! Their workouts have become more intense, they have been pressing 10-20% more, and they are watching the fat drop off!

And as a bonus, their sex drive and performance has increased as a side-benefit too!

But here’s the problem.

All T-boosters are not the same. Some power you to the next level, others are little more than a sugar pill.

There’s more.

The best testosterone boosters stand the test of time. Guys are taking them month after month and seeing phenomenal results. The least ineffective ones disappear.

The question is, does Alpha Prime Elite deserve to be ranked amongst the best testosterone boosters out there?

Well, I am going to tell you!

Carry on reading this Alpha Prime Elite review and I you will discover what it is, how it works and whether it is effective!

Alpha Prime Elite Review

alpha prime elite review

First I need to make something clear.

Do not confuse Alpha Prime Elite with the similarly named supplement Alpha Prime.

Both of these products are marketed by ATP Science Pty Ltd, but they are designed to work in totally different ways.

Let me explain.

Alpha Prime supplement (not reviewed here) is designed to detox the female hormone estrogen out of the male body. Whether that product works or not is a different matter!

Alpha Prime Elite, the subject of this Alpha Prime Elite review, is marketed as a testosterone booster and works in a completely different way!

OK, we are clear now! Let’s crack on!

What is Alpha Prime Elite?

alpha prime elite

You already probably know a fair bit about testosterone boosters, but I’ll just cover the basics quickly in this Alpha Prime Elite review.

Alpha Prime Elite is a T-booster.

Like a lot of the supplements on the market, it was designed to raise levels of the testosterone hormone naturally without the use of illegal steroids such as Sustanon.

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever had an electricity power cut?

Nothing works! You can’t watch TV, cooking food in the microwave is impossible and if it’s nighttime you’re sitting in the dark.

Stick with me here!

That’s just the same as testosterone!

If you have too little of this hormone your body cannot function! You lack strength, have no energy and muscles will not build. Fact.

T-boosters naturally elevate the amount of testosterone in the body, which means they:

  • Increase strength 1
  • Boost sex drive 2
  • Raise the rate of muscle growth 3
  • Help drop fat 4
  • Boost energy 5

Alpha Prime Elite claims it will provide all these benefits by naturally raising your testosterone. It also says it will turn you into a ‘raging beast’!

But there’s a small problem

It appears that ATP Science has discontinued this product. If you try hard enough it can still theoretically be obtained, but not from the official website.

Always a little concerning.

Naturally that raises questions about Alpha Prime Elite, but more on that later!

Who Should Use Alpha Prime Elite?


I suggest that you read this entire Alpha Prime Elite review before deciding whether it is right for you!


Alpha Prime Elite, and testosterone boosters in general, are designed for guys who:

  • Don’t want to use steroids
  • Want extra strength to lift more weight
  • Have bottomed out in achieving results
  • Want more energy to increase the reps and have faster recovery time
  • Are looking to drop fat
  • Need to build muscle fast
  • Older guys whose T-levels have rapidly dropped 6
  • Are looking for more sex drive

Testosterone boosters really are an all-round answer to piling on muscle and dropping fat. They are probably the most important supplement you can take.

But this is important.

You should always ensure you are getting the best possible T-booster available, which may not be Alpha Prime Elite!

Who Should Not Use Alpha Prime Elite?


After reading all the information in this Alpha Prime Elite review you may decide it is not for you.

But for starters, these guys shouldn’t take Alpha Prime Elite:

  • Under 18 years old – you already have enough testosterone. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  • Bodybuilders who can easily get ripped and drop fat without thinking about it
  • Guys who are already a machine in the bedroom
  • Guys who want to use illegal steroids and watch their balls shrink – Alpha Prime Elite is natural
  • Couch Potatoes

I cannot stress the last point enough.


Proven testosterone boosters are an amazing supplement which gives rewards over and over. But only if you put the work in too!

Think of it like this.

You work hard at your job. You earn money and put it in the bank. The bank rewards you by giving you free money as interest.

You receive a bigger return for your investment.

But if you don’t put any money into your account, you are not going to receive anything off the bank for nothing!

T-boosters are the same. The more work you put in down the gym, the more they will reward you.


Sit on your ass and they will do nothing.

How Does Alpha Prime Elite Work?


As I mentioned earlier in this Alpha Prime Elite review, the product appears to have been discontinued.

So it definitely will not work if you cannot get hold of it!

But listen.

Assuming you can obtain it from another source, here’s how the supplement functions.

Alpha Prime Elite contains some ingredients which can accelerate the production of testosterone in the body, with the following effects:

Raises Human Growth Hormone Levels

Testosterone boosts production of human growth hormone (HGH).

HGH isn’t just there to make you taller during your adolescent years, it is also responsible for building muscle and burning fat.

More testosterone = more HGH = more muscles and less fat. 7

Increases Energy Levels

The more work you put in and the faster you recover, the quicker those muscles will build.

But if we are going to power through some awesome rep sets, we need energy.

Alpha Prime Elite works by boosting testosterone which in turn raises serotonin levels.8

But there’s more.

Not only does serotonin make us feel happier (and therefore more likely to hit the gym) it makes us more energized to push through monster workouts.

Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis

Everytime we hit the weights hard, we damage the muscles.

But we love it, right?

Damaging the muscles means they have to repair, which is how they grow.

I know, bodybuilding 101!

But get this.

Boosting testosterone levels increases the rate of muscle rebuilding.

Here’s how.

Muscles repair through protein synthesis from amino acids. The more testosterone you have the faster this can occur. Testosterone is basically the fuel behind the whole process.9

That’s the theory!

In the next part of this Alpha Prime Review, I will look at how the ingredients function, and if they work!

Alpha Prime Elite Ingredients

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

ingredients mix

Any supplement is only as good as the ingredients and quantities it contains.

Keep reading this Alpha Prime Elite review to find out the truth.


This naturally occurring element has been found to boost testosterone levels. 10


L-Arginine is an amino acid which boosts nitric oxide production.

This is important.

Nitric oxide enables the vascular system to dilate, which means blood flow is increased both to your muscles and your downstairs equipment!

Get this.

For the muscles it’s essential, as it means more nutrients and oxygen can reach them fast! This enables muscles to grow and stamina to increase.

And for your package, all that blood flow should lead to faster and harder erections.

All good, but:

Whilst this ingredient is very important for working out and sexual function, it has no impact on testosterone levels.11 12

But as an Alpha Prime Elite nitric oxide vascular pump, it may be effective.

Maca Root

The Maca plant extract has numerous health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and can promote energy.

Whilst is has been shown to possibly increase fertility in semen, there is no evidence to suggest it can boost testosterone levels. 13

Saw Palmetto

saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto has been shown to reduce prostate enlargement in men, a cause of erectile dysfunction.14

It is also possible it may stimulate testosterone, but it needs further research. 15

Nettle Root


This natural extract can maintain testosterone levels by preventing aromatase turning it into the female hormone estrogen.16

Tongkat Ali

This flowering shrub has been proven to:

  • Boost testosterone 17
  • Increase libido 18
  • Improve blood circulation

It’s a powerful and important ingredient in any testosterone booster.


An Asian spice which can boost testosterone levels. 19

That’s all the ingredients!


Alpha Prime Elite does contain proven and tested T-boosters which should have both muscle gain and energy benefits.

However, a couple of warnings.

Firstly, there are some extremely powerful testosterone boosting ingredients which I would expect to be included, but are not. This separates it from the most potent T-boosters on the market.

Secondly, there is no way to discover how much of each ingredient it contains! Without the quantity you cannot judge the quality!

Which means:

It is difficult to calculate the efficacy of this supplement from ingredients alone. In fact it is impossible.

What ingredients are missing?

From looking at the ingredients label you can see that they did a decent job.

However, we’re seeing a lot of missed opportunities here.

Where is Ashwagandha, Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Zinc?

Even seeing Vitamin K would be great.

Alpha Prime Elite Side Effects

blood pressure

For this Alpha Prime Elite review, I searched to see if any guys have suffered any side-effects, without success.

So that’s a bonus!

All the ingredients are natural and hence safe. There are no Alpha Prime Elite side effects.

But be careful!

As Alpha Prime Elite do not disclose how much of each ingredient is in this supplement, it is difficult to judge how much you are putting in your body!


Even two teaspoons of nutmeg can be poisonous! 20

Alpha Prime Elite Before After Results

alpha prime elite review

Despite all my efforts, I have been unable to find any genuine before and after pictures for this Alpha Prime Elite review.

So instead, the best I could find for this Alpha Prime Elite review are testimonials.

But first let me give you a little background information.

As you are aware from reading this Alpha Prime Elite review, the product is no longer available.

When it was, they offered a free trial bottle.

Naturally you provided them with your credit card details first! If you were not happy, you cancelled within 30 days and you were not charged.

Well that was the theory!

Here are the reviews:


“Found no change in my own personal physical performance.”

James T

“The Alpha Prime products are a scam to get you to try their product and it does nothing to help your body when you try to stop shipments

Michael S

This product does NOT work and the advertising is misleading. The advertisement said free 30 day trial, but I was charged $179.94 after 14 days which after I called the company they said that this was in their terms and agreements.

So they advertised 30 day free trial but only did a 14 day trial and it was not free. And the worst part of all is that their product did nothing for me.”


“I’ve been using Alpha Prime Elite for 30+ days now and it has made a tremendous amount of difference in my body and health. I do in fact visibly see physical changes in particular.”

There are a few positive reviews online for this product, but the majority indicates either no results, or more often being charged for the product before the end of the trial period.

If you want to check, do an alpha prime elite cancel subscription search and you will see what I mean.

Maybe this is why it was withdrawn? Who knows.

Whatever the reason, the results are not encouraging.

Where to Buy Alpha Prime Elite?

Damn good question.

If, after reading this Alpha Prime Elite review you still wish to purchase it, you are going to have to look hard.

You might find some old bottles hanging around on eBay or Amazon, but there is no official site for the product.

Doing an Alpha Prime Elite GNC or Alpha Prime Elite Walmart search will not help. Neither of them retail the supplement.

Alpha Prime Elite Review Conclusion

approved sign

We all need a boost to our workout regime from time to time, and testosterone boosters are absolutely invaluable.

They can supercharge muscle gain, drop fat, provide energy and stamina, and make us awesome in the bedroom.

But here’s the truth.

It doesn’t seem that Alpha Prime Elite is one of those potent testosterone boosters.

Credit where it’s due.

Alpha Prime Elite does contain proven and safe ingredients which are known to boost testosterone. But since the supplement does not disclose the quantities of these ingredients, they cannot be judged.

Furthermore, the lack of positive reviews online may indicate that these supplements simply lacked any potency.

Maybe that is why it was withdrawn.

The bottom line:

It’s very difficult to find this product. My advice is don’t bother looking.

There are much more powerful, proven and reputable testosterone boosters on the market today.

Our #1 recommendations is TestoGen. Click here to read our TestoGen Review

Alpha Prime Elite Review FAQ:

“How to Take Alpha Prime Elite?”

Take one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. It has been recommended that you mix an Alpha Prime Elite and apple cider vinegar formula to make it go down easier.

Sounds weird.

“How Much Does Alpha Prime Elite Cost?”

As it is discontinued, a current price is not available.

When it was for sale, it retailed at $85.95.

That was expensive!

Where Can You Buy Alpha Prime Elite?”

That’s difficult.

You may see it appear from time to time on eBay or Amazon. Personally I would buy an alternative T-booster.

But if you really are desperate, do an Alpha Prime Elite Amazon search, you may be lucky.

Does Alpha Prime Elite Really Work?”

Although there are some positive reviews, the general consensus is that it doesn’t work.

It does have a few good ingredients, but it appears they are in too small quantities to make any difference.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

When it was still available, Alpha Prime Elite offered a free bottle to try for 30 days.

But it appears even if you tried to cancel they charged you for it anyway.

How Long Do You Have to Take Alpha Prime Elite Before Seeing Results?”

Probably a long time. Reviews online indicate poor results.

Do They Ship Worldwide?”

As your only opportunity of getting your hands on this product is via Amazon or elsewhere, it depends on the individual seller.



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