Leanbean Review and Results – Does This Female Fat Burner Really Work? Or Is It a Scam?

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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leanbean fat burner new formula

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  • Contains proven ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Good dosage of ingredients
  • Serving size is 6 capsules per day
  • Not cheap

In this Leanbean review we examined this fat burner which is designed for women.

It’s no secret that many women struggle with losing weight.

Turns out hundreds of women are now using leanbean to shed off those extra pounds of fat successfully.

leanbean before after results

Leanbean has become one of the most popular fat burner even though it’s quite new to the market.

In this review we will cover the ingredients, how this fat burner works, the side effects and check out some before after photos.

Let’s get started

LeanBean recently changed the formula of their product, we have updated this review with the new and improved formula.

Table Of Contents

How does Leanbean work?

leanbean review

Right, let’s get down to brass taxes. Guys who train want to get ripped. For girls who train the objective is simple – create a body to make even a Victoria Secret model jealous.

This Leanbean review reveals it uses natural fat burners to help you look literally smoking in your favorite lingerie. This includes extracts from some of the following ingredients; Garcinia Cambogia, Konjac Fibre,Turmeric, Raspberry Keytones and several more.

Some of specific benefits of Leanbean;

  • Creates a tighter physique – lowers overall fat percentage
  • Increased appetite suppression – helps you stop cheating on your progress
  • Estro Blocking fat burners – Ingredients to lower the fat storing form of Estrogen.
  • Maintain athletic performance – Keep high energy high whilst working out on less calories

With the help of high quality ingredients lean bean simply makes the fat loss a more enjoyable process.

It helps you achieve your weight loss goals faster and gives you that edge.

Leanbean Ingredients

Leanbean contains all of the top 8 fat burning ingredients according to Supplement Nerd.

What’s interesting is that Leanbean contains even more than only the 8 best.

Vitamin B6 3.72mg RI* 240%
Vitamin B12 6.4μg RI* 256%
Chromium 120μg RI* 300%
Green Coffee 6000mg **
Acai Berry 800mg **
Green Tea Extract(Maltodextrin) 200mg **
Turmeric Powder 200mg **
Glucomannan 500mg **
Garcinia Cambogia 400mg **
Cayenne Powder 60mg **
Black Pepper 20mg **
Rasberry Ketones 8mg **

When looking at any supplement the most important factor is definitely the ingredient section.

What I check right away when reviewing any supplement are the ingredients and how they are dosed.

Lean bean contains an impressive 12 ingredient formula with scientifically proven ingredients.

I was quite pleased when looking at the ingredients listed in leanbean because it contains no proprietary blends, the ingredients are high quality and dosed correctly.

Now Im going to tell you how the ingredients really work, I could spend hours writing this section because there is so much to talk about.

However Im not going to do that Im going to give you the short basic version on how these ingredients really help for weight loss.

How the ingredients work:

  • Vitamin b12 and b6: Help the body get energy from food, these vitamins can help you lose weight if you are deficient in them.
  • Chromium: Slows the rate of sugar released into the body
  • Green Coffee: Reduce the absorption of fat, lower blood sugar and support the fat burning hormone adiponectin.
  • Acai berry: Can reduce cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels.
  • Green Tea Extract: Increases the resting metabolism, amps up breakdown of fat and increases your energy.
  • Turmeric powder: Raises the internal temperature in the body which helps to burn off fat faster.
  • Glucomannan: Reduces blood sugar after a meal which helps when it comes down to losing fat.
  • Garcinina Cambogia: blocks fat producing enzymes
  • Black pepper: Helps to absorb the ingredients
  • Rasberry ketones: Increases the breakdown of fat.

This is the short version on how they ingredients work, you can get more details on the official leanbean website.

Lean Bean Side Effects

Lean Bean is a side effect friendly fat burner, since it does not contain a lot of caffeine it is considered very safe.

Some women have a hard time swallowing 4 pills per day and that could potentially upset the stomach slightly.

Other than that there are no major side effects of using this fat burner to be aware of.

However we always suggest to be cautious about using any new supplement and if you have some concerns you should ask your doctor about it.

Erin’s Leanbean review

So we’ve given you a bit of a lowdown on the benefits of the product, now for a more personal review. Unlike other supplements it made no sense for me to try this out myself, fortunately my girlfriend Erin was on hand to put Leanbean to the test. She’s been hitting the gym for a while now, mixing up the cardio with some weight training. And luckily for me busting out the squats : ).

Erin took Leanbean for 4 months and here’s what she found;

leanbean reviews

I’ve used a couple of fat burners before but always given up on them because of the stimulants. Leanbean had a lower Caffeine content than the other products I’d used so I thought I’d make an exception and try it. To begin with my expectations were quite low but I ended up being really taken aback by the results.

Starting weight 135 lbs

First 30 days

So, I received my Leanbean and my first reaction was really positive –luxurious packaging, vegan friendly capsules, It all seemed quite organic and not what I was expecting at all – very different to the supplements my boyfriend has in the cupboard.

I’d read a little about the ingredients in advance and knew that one major factor was the appetite suppressants.

And after using this female fat burner for the first couple of weeks this was the thing that I found so much easier, I was managing to actually stick to my diet much more regularly, I’d still have the odd naughty snack but on the whole I was being good much more of the time.

I was still working out, as always I was doing quite a bit of Hiit and some fasted cardio in the morning. Leanbean recommend taking four capsules, one with every meal. However, I was skipping breakfast at this stage and having my first Leanbean capsule without food before my morning training session. The remainder of the capsules I would take individually with a meal and at separate intervals. By the end of the first month I’d lost just under 5 lbs.

Second Month

So I figured if I was going to give up it would be somewhere around month two. Previously I’ve been a bit patchy with my training. As other girls had mentioned online the main challenge with this female fat burner is keeping consistent and taking it 4 times a day.

Fortunately, I was really starting to see the benefits – one thing that surprised me was that I still felt great whilst doing things like sprints or battle ropes. I guess this was most likely down the Green Tea in the supplement, I was still eating less but wasn’t feeling any unpleasant effects. Obviously I can’t guarantee that my energy boost was solely down to Leanbean but I’m sure it made the difference. The mix of eating better and the natural stimulants meant that I was starting to tighten up around the middle and I was more toned than ever before through my hips and legs.

Third month

During the second month I’d made some really good progress. I’d trimmed down a lot and lost another 6 lbs. For the third month my focus shifted a little in the gym to really trying to create some more shape, my main goal was to create some more lift through my butt and really try and take my body to the next level.

This meant I focussed a bit more on the weights and doing a lot more squats. I’d never been worried about getting bulky as I’d read this is almost impossible for girls, but I knew I wanted to improve my overall muscle tone and not look overly thin either.

Fourth Month

In total whilst using this fat burner I went down from 135 lbs to a little over 119 lbs. I wouldn’t put this improvement completely down to the Leanbean but it’s a fact that it transformed my training.

Whilst the overall weight loss was nice the changes in physical appearance were the most rewarding. I’d literally never looked so good!

In terms of the product, the appetite suppressants definitely worked pretty much from the get go and this meant that my diet was definitely better month on month. The energy boosters helped me stay motivated and lift weights whilst I was eating less calories.

I’m not going to hide the fact that I worked really hard in the gym during this time, however the thermogenic ingredients in Leanbean unquestionably gave my body that added push it needed to burn off more calories than before.

To see exactly how it works visit Leanbean’s official website here.

Leanbean Before and After: Leanbean Results

There are countless of testimonials and impressive before after pictures from women who used lean bean.

Here are a few of them:

Vicky dropped 8 lbs in one month, amazing results.

vicky lean bean results

Charity lost a lot of fat after using Leanbean for one month

charity before after leanbean

Rebeccas amazing progress after using one bottle of leanbean

leanbean use for 1 month

Bree Kleintop Ex Pro Surfer and Model Uses Leanbean to stay fit

Margarita’s testimonial

You can see more testimonials on their website here.

As you can probably tell our Leanbean review proved that a well formulated supplement can definitely speed up weight loss. If you’re up for more science then we go into the detail on the best fat burning ingredients in our best fat burners for women article.


Remembering to take the capsules frequently each day is one small negative. That being said at least this way you know your body’s burning fat all day long.

You can also only get hold of Leanbean straight from the company’s online shop. The shipping is fast though and worldwide, although we did see a very small amount of countries where the product is not available.

In terms of price, Leanbean is probably going to be a bit more of a stretch if you’ve got tight purse strings. One month for $59 means that Leanbean is without question a premium fat burner. However if you go with a longer course like we did then you’ll be able to score yourself a discount.

Leanbean negative reviews

So where are all the Leanbean negative reviews?

Seems like the internet is only filled with positive reviews of this product.

Surely, there must be some negative reviews right?

Well, yes of course. There’s not a single product in the world that can only have positive reviews.

Let’s face it many people give products a 1 star or 2 star rating for many reasons.

Often because of shipping delays but also when products don’t work as expected.

We have found that the Leanbean negative reviews are usually along these lines:

“I ordered Leanbean and it took 3 weeks to arrive in the mail and when I asked customer support about it they said it was stuck in customs (I’m from Australia) and asked me to patient. By now I’ve already dieted so I probably won’t even use the product!”

We found also one Leanbean negative review:

“I tried Leanbean for 1 month and didn’t lose any weight. Will not order again”

Here’s the thing: Leanbean is NOT a magic solution. In fact if you don’t diet and exercise you will not lose weight.

Leanbean is just an addition to diet and exercise. To get a little bit faster results. Diet and exercise is 90%, a female fat burner like Leanbean is the final 10%.

Hope this helps.

Leanbean Prices

1 month: $59/£35

2 months: $118/£70

Bikini Body bundle | 3 months + 4th month free – $185/£110

*Also includes a free workout guide

Where to buy Leanbean

Leanbean female fat burner can NOT be bought from Amazon or GNC.

You can only buy Lean bean dietary supplement from their official website.

There website is: LeanbeanOffical

Conclusion on Lean bean dietary supplement

This concludes our Leanbean review.

We’ve done reviews on hundreds of different fat burners, Leanbean is our best fat burner for women no question.

The science is on the money with this supplement, the lower stimulant quantity and all the appetite suppressants mean it’s more effective for girls.

Assuming you’re taking it with the right diet and exercise plan there’s no reason why you can’t expect to see similar results to Erin and some of the other Leanbean customers.

Wanting to enjoy the benefits of being leaner and stronger than ever before? Not to mention the extra sass to wear whatever clothes you feel like? We can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this weight loss supplement.

To find out more visit: Leanbean’s official website


Q: I skimmed this Leanbean female fat burner review. How capsules should I take?

A: For the best outcome you need to take 1 capsule four times a day. Some fat burners can be taken less frequently but we’re pretty clear that regular servings is the way to go. After all you want your body to be fighting fat without taking a break.

Q: Is there a Leanbean coupon I can get for a discount?

A: There are no coupons available for Leanbean, this is a premium product with premium high quality ingredients, already priced at the lowest possible price.

You can save money and get a discount by going for any of their package deals.

Q: How quick does this Lean bean dietary supplement work?

A: Like all the best fat burners this is going to vary depending on what your training schedule looks like. Assuming that’s all on point you can expect to see quick results.

Erin lost nearly 2kg in the first month and maintained a similar level of weight loss throughout her course.

Q: Can I take Leanbean I’m pregnant?

A: If you’re pregnant then we’d have to recommend that you get the opinion of your doctor first. From what we’ve seen plenty of people have taken Leanbean in the lead up to getting pregnant.

Q: Can I use it without putting any work in?

A: From this this Leanbean review we wouldn’t advise taking it (or any female fat burner) and then letting yourself fall off the wagon. That said, the appetite suppressants should mean you’re eating less anyway and the Thermogenic effect will help you burn extra calories even whilst you’re asleep. However for proper results make sure to keep up the work in the gym.

Q: Can I take this with other supplements?

A: Yes, it works well with most other gym supplements.

Q: Is Leanbean better than Instant Knockout?

A: Instant Knockout is our #1 choice for men so it’s only natural to assume it’s also the best one for women. Instant Knockout would be super effective for women as well, however there are a few key ingredients designed for women in Leanbean that are not in Instant Knockout. Which is why I believe Leanbean is the better choice for women.

Q: Are there side effects?

A: This Leanbean review should have told you that it includes caffeine through certain ingredients like Green Coffee and Green Tea. You’re unlikely to see any side effects though as it doesn’t include Caffeine Anhydrous.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can only purchase it at their official website here.


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37 thoughts on “Leanbean Review and Results – Does This Female Fat Burner Really Work? Or Is It a Scam?”

    • Hey Stephania,

      I’ve spoken with the Leanbean manufacturers and they’ve informed me that standard shipping to Hong Kong is 5-15 working days and Express Shipping would be 3-6 working days.

      Hope this helps!

      – James

  1. hi,
    and thanks for the review! I’m really considering to give it a try after reading this and other reviews. However, I still have some doubts related to the daily dosage…
    -It is advised not taking pills after a certain time during the day (E.g not after 18: p.m) to ensure a better sleeping time.. is it also the case with leanbean?
    -4 capsules per day are recommended .. can be taken for instance 2 capsules before a meal and capsule before workout time? (just planning to have1 before breakfast, 2 before lunchtime and other before training).
    and the time before the meal is important? ( 30 minutes-1 hour before the meals? or training?)

    thanks in advanced!!

    • Hey Silvinha,

      Leanbean has a very low dose of stimulants. Therefore it is okay to take them in the evening, at least up to 8pm in my opinion.

      The recommended dose is 1 tablets taken 4 times per day. But as long as you spread them quiet evenly throughout the day then yes. Having one, then 2, then 1 should be fine as well.

      Some people like having 2 before workouts to a boost.

      Hope this helps in some way.

  2. Hi! I am excited to start taking my lean bean fat burners I just got in the mail today. I am curious about the side effects of, if taking these fat burners, having caffeine (coffee or tea) as well as alcohol.

    • Fantastic news Jennifer. Good luck!

      It’s okay to have coffee while taking Lean Bean yes. And alcohol is also fine. But of course drinking too much alcohol will slow down your overall weight loss progress.

      Everything in Lean Bean is 100% natural.

      Hope this helps!

      – James

  3. Hi,i just ordered my first two months supplements.so excited to try it and getting results. i am trying with clean eating and working out almost everyday,but didn’t see any results.its very frustrating.i hope lean bean gives the push my body needs.
    Since i’m a mom of a toddler,i have no time for going to the gym.so i workout at home at least 5days a week for 1h to 1 1/2h HIT training. You this is enough?
    And how long does it take normally for the shipping to canada?
    Thx you.have a great week 🙂

    • Hey Nadiya,

      Congratulations! You’re definitely on your way to a more lean version of yourself.

      Yes, working out at home is perfectly fine when you want to lose weight and get toned, as long as you’re in a calorie deficit.

      Shipping should probably take about a week I guess, hopefully less.

      All the best,

      • Thx u for ur quick response.
        Do i have to take the supplements before or after meal? And if i take one before breakfast arround9am. 2pills arround 1pm before workout and last one arround 6-7pm before dinner.is it ok like this? Or is there anything i have to consider with time and meal ect.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this review as I have been looking for something to use along with my current exercise routine and eating healthy. I am trying to change my life style to loose weight and get healthier. Do you know if taking this with medications is an issue? Since I do see the ingredients to be 100% Natural I dont think it will be an issue, but thought I would ask. Thank you

  5. Hi, I’ve been working out for about a little over a year going to the gym and doing different exercises. I lost about 10 pounds and have gained about 5 back and I understand that I am probably in the transition stage. My main focus is losing the stubborn fat around my leg muscle that has grown. Will Leanbean help with losing the fat in my thighs, or is it mostly focused on abs?

  6. I’m 45 yrs old and struggling with gain weight despite diet and exercise. Things are changing. Hoping this is the help I’ve been searching for. Can’t wait to receive it! Have tried so many other options and nothing working for me yet. Have read fantastic reviews. Will keep you posted!

  7. Hi! Am really keen to give Leanbean a go. I have three important questions before I make the purchase:

    1) Can I take 2 capsules before breakfast and then another 2 capsules before working out? It’s easier for me that way.

    2) Must I eat breakfast right after consuming the capsules? I’m currently practicing intermittent fasting every morning. Please advise.

    3) I’m practicing a Keto way of life, hence, will taking Leanbean interfere in any way with my Keto eating habits?


    • Hey Angeline,

      1. Yes you should be able to do that. Although it is recommended to follow the instructions for best results.

      2. no you don’t have to do that.

      3. It’s keto friendly

      Check out Leanbean FAQ page here for more info

  8. Hello! If I don’t do any exercise, will I see results? I receive my order and want to start the intaking but I don’t know if it will work.

    • I would assume so yes. But it would probably taste very badly, and the capsule is there for a reason. So I would try my best to swallow it in whole instead

  9. Hi I’ve used pentermine and I was so happy with results I lost near 15 pound in three months of treatment but I gained weight again and I’m looking for an alternative for an appetite suppressant and found this blog and Athens talking about this fat burning; my question is: I don’t use to do exercise, just walk regularly and that’s all. I’m going to start a ketokenic diet who always helps me to burn fat and my point is if this product is going to work in me? Thanks in advance

  10. Is it alright if i take the leanbean and drinking C4 pre workout at the same time? Though my C4 pre workout drink is only before i do my workout.

  11. I had been taking leanbean for the past month, I exercise 5 times per week and very clean diet. but I did not lost a gram of weight. it does not work like all the review said, very disappointed. and I had purchase 4 bottles. I start to having doubt on all the review you can find on internet.

    • Hey Jessie,

      I’m wondering what “very clean diet” means to you :).

      Even though you eat clean and healthy foods, you can still eat too much of those foods and be in a calorie surplus.

      The only way to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit. Meaning eating less calories than your body needs to get through the day.
      When you do that your body goes for your fat as a source for energy and starts burning it off.

      Exercising and taking fat burners like Leanbean only help you get in a calorie deficit more efficiently.
      But at the same time, it will NOT do the work for you.

      Let’s say you need to eat 1,500 calories in order to lose weight (this is just a random number and is not necessarily the right number for you)

      And you’re trying your best to be within that range, but for some reason you end up eating 1,800 calories.

      Whoops, now you’re not going to lose any weight, and you might even gain some weight… UNLESS you exercised which adds an additional 300 calories to your total energy output for this day!

      So, now you’re at 1,800 – 300 = 1,500 calories!
      Yay! now those additional calories were zeroed out by exercising (using more calories than you body normally uses).

      In another example, you accidentally ate 2,000 calories :(, did the same exercise as before and took Leanbean, which added an additional 300 calories for your energy output.

      Which results in: 2,000 calories – 300 calories = 1,700 calories 🙁
      So even if you exercised and took Leanbean you’re STILL in a calorie surplus.

      You see, weight loss is just math.

      And it seems like you’re not doing your math correctly 🙂 since you’re not seeing results.

      Hope this helps,

  12. Hi,

    I just ordered the bundle of 4 and am excited to start. I’ve been very worried that I’ll have to keep taking these for the rest of my life or end up gaining the weight back. What happens after you’re done with month 4? Will I gain the weight back or should I order another set?


    • Hey Jamie,

      Once you’ve lost your weight, all you have to do is maintain a healthy diet in order to keep the weight off. You do not need to re-order Leanbean as long as you maintain a good healthy lifestyle :).

      All the best,

  13. I’m practicing 16:8 intermittent fasting – will a leanbean supplement break a fast (as it contains supplements like tumeric, Cayenne Powder, etc.)? Can I instead space the four capsules out by 8 hours?

    • Hey Liz,

      Yes, you can space it out between the 8 hours :). It shouldn’t break your fast though and may even help you go through your fasting period more easily as it has appetite suppressant ingredients.

  14. Hi I am a 64 year old female and want to loose 40-50
    My concern is being jittery or kept up at night .
    I don’t drink any caffeine so I’m concerned how this might affect me
    Me exercise is walking or stationary bike .
    I stand at work for 7 hour shift
    I’m also concerned at the fact this require you to take 4 pills seems like a lot ?
    What do you think ?

    • Hey Linda,

      The best part about Leanbean is that it has no caffeine, so it will not give you jitters :).

      It’s good that you’re exercising, but remember if you want to lose weight you need to make sure you’re eating in a calorie deficit.

      Well yes taking 4 pills per day is hard. But that’s actually what makes Leanbean the best fat burner. If you think about it: there’s only so much fat burning stuff you can fit into 1 pill. And Leanbean formula is so premium, that there’s no way they’d be able to fit into just one pill. Therefore it needs to be spread over 4 pills.

      Hope this makes sense to you Linda.

      All the best,

  15. Does the company take this long to deliver? I bought the product LeanBean on Saturday June 2 and it’s Friday. Nothing. I have sent emails and Facebook messages. No wonder people try and buy it on Amazon ????

  16. Thanks for this review! I have been taken LeanBean for a week, and so far so good. My directions on my bottle is a little different though. I got the 4 pack bikini bundle and it comes 180ct and you take 2 capsules 30 mins before your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) did the directions change or should I do as you’re talking with the 4x a day?


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