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Khan Baba “The Pakistani Hulk” Weighs 961 lbs strong man or fake?

28-year-old Arbab Khizer Hayat from Pakistan, Maradan also known by the name of Khan Baba and “The Pakastani Hulk” claims to be 961 lbs (436 kg) and the strongest man on the planet.

He has however never competed in the world’s strongest man and if he is really 961 lbs he is more than double the weight of the world’s strongest man Hafthor Bjornsson who is 425 lbs.

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khan baba pakistani hulk

To give you another example Ronnie Coleman one of the biggest bodybuilders of all time was 320 lbs in his offseason and he was HUGE.

If in fact Khan Baba is not lying about his weight that would make him three times heavier than Ronnie Coleman was in his off season at his heaviest.

ronnie coleman and hathor bjornsson

Khan Baba has gained a lot of attention on social media for his impressive videos and remarkable size.

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He has around 60 thousand subscribers on his youtube channel and over 400 thousand followers on facebook.

However, many people believe he is wearing some kind of a suit under many layers of clothes to appear bigger than he really is.

There are no recent videos of him where he is shirtless or wearing a tank top to confirm that he is actually as big as he claims.

One of his more popular video holding a SUV, and the SUV isn’t moving at all.

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Maby it was in neutral? who knows but these are the kind of videos that have gone viral on social media.

Khan Baba Diet

He claims eating 10.000 calories per day, which consist of a liter of milk, 2 kg’s of meat, bread, fruits in ONE meal.

In total he claims eating 36 eggs and drink 5 liters of milk per day.

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On top of that he also says he eats 4 kg’s of meat, 4 kg’s of chicken each day, large pizzas and his goal is to grow even more.

Khan Baba Stats

Khan baba pakistani hulk

Khan Baba claims to be 6’3 (190 cm) and 961 lbs (436 kg’s) which would make him one of the biggest person on the planet.

Is Khan Baba A Fraud?

Khan baba

There are several videos of him online doing impressive things and one video which he holds a truck with one finger.

Is he really that big and that strong?

I highly doubt it, if he really was close to a 1000 lbs he would have trouble moving, he couldn’t run or do any of the things he usually does in the videos.

This guy has no problem running and you can see in some videos that he is probably wearing many layers of clothes or some kind of a suit underneath

Also, if he claims to be so strong why haven’t we seen this guy compete in strongman or hold any world records?

It’s all really strange and doesn’t add up.

Impressive or fake? You can watch these videos and see how strong Khan Baba really is, or are these videos staged and faked?

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