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The world of fitness influencers was remarkably illuminated by the charisma of Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, famously known as Zyzz.

Zyzz was more than just a muscular physique; he was an embodiment of a peculiar, appealing ethos that resonated well with his audience.

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Even though his life was cut short during a vacation in Thailand, Zyzz’s quirky dancing at festivals, distinct style, and profound words continue to inspire many.

In this article, we dive deep into the essence captured in Zyzz quotes that transcends the temporality of life.

Zyzz’s Life Philosophy: A Glimpse into the Mind

Zyzz was never shy about living his truth.

Through his humorous, sometimes provocative remarks, he instigated a sense of free-spiritedness in the fitness community.

His phrases “U mirin?” and “U mad?” became quick catchphrases that transcended beyond mere gym slang.

They reflected a fearless attitude towards criticism and a self-assured embrace of one’s efforts and achievements.

His journey was about much more than muscle and might

Zyzz bore an ethos of embracing one’s passion, transcending societal judgment, and celebrating individuality.

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His creation of “The Aesthetics Crew” along with his brother Said Shavershian (known as Chestbrah) and other fitness enthusiasts like Babolimp, Supaturk, and PhilRay echoed a camaraderie based on shared ambitions and the aesthetics of physical sculpting.

Quirky Phrases: A Marker of Self-Expression

Zyzz’s bold phrases such as “Sad c*nts” referring to haters, and “Sick c*nts” appreciating those at their physical peak, were unfiltered expressions that broke the monotony of conventional fitness dialogues.

He was candid about life’s stark realities while urging everyone to chase their version of extraordinary.

His iconic chest tattoo “VENI VIDI VICI,” translating to “I came, I saw, I conquered,” is an epitome of his indomitable spirit

It’s a sentiment that runs deep in the veins of fitness enthusiasts striving to conquer their goals.

Valuable Insights Amidst the Trolls

Beyond the trolls and witty remarks, Zyzz shared valuable insights that continue to serve as guiding lights for many.

His advocacy for finding a passion, forming genuine relationships, and breaking free from the mundane are timeless pieces of advice.

His reflective stance against bullying and his respect for anyone on the journey of self-improvement were among the many facets that made Zyzz a cherished figure.

Zyzz Quotes:

zyzz quotes

Here are some of the most memorable quotes from Zyzz:

“Everybody, one day will die, and be forgotten. Act and behave in a way that will make life interesting and fun, fu*k a mundane predictable life working monday to friday with something you derive no pleasure from; just living life out till you grow old and wither away. Find a passion, form relationships, dont be afraid to get out there and fu*k what everyone else thinks, trust me its alot more fun that way.

Don’t ever pay people out or put people down. Instead just put yourself up and let the haters do their thing. Id rather be a person thats hated on, than a person that does the hating. A wise man one said..

Haters gonna hate!”

“Alright it’s time to talk one on one with everyone here, listen carefully brahs, this is a revolution, everybody asks what the “f” is this about, what the “f” is up with those videos cu*t, you are “f’in” yourself up cu*t. It’s a “f’in” act there is no Zyzz, U mirin brah? I give you more reason to mirin out brah, it’s “f’in” Zyzz brah. Everyone has a little bit of Zyzz in them, every cut out there, you are a “f’in” sick cu*t if you want to be brah, so stop being a sad cut, go out get bitches go and be a sick cu*t like zyzz brah, that’s what we f’in do cut, that’s what we do in this shit brah, do you want to be f’in little sad cu‘t “f” that shit brah, every f’in hater is going to hate brah”

“Go hard mate the gym lifestyle is the best ! train hard, eat well party hard.”

“my message is to train hard, don’t be a hard cunt, enjoy life and don’t take yourself too seriously. If there were more people like me, the world would be a happier place. I’d rather do what I do and have fun then sit back hating on someone achieving something.”

“Shreddology, the belief that to transcendence of life into heaven is achieved at 6% body fat.A complete euphoria and sense of accomplishment overcomes the shredder, entering, almost surpassing the majestic boundaries of human emotion”

“i dont workout for chicks, i workout to create an aura. when i walk into a room, introduce myself to someone, go for a job interview, i love looking dominant, in charge, and in control. I love walking past and having people point and talk about me. i love the fact that when i go somewhere with thousands of people. almost all of them will remember who i am when it is over, and i didnt even have to say a word (this was the case before people knew who i was)

None of this will make sense to any of you once you get the physique and know whats its like. I know it sounds like im bragging, but think of it as driving a ferrari in real life. Why do people drive ferraris? to get attention, looks, exert dominance and superiority from the norm, and to get people talking..but it also inspires jealousy and haters on the person driving. Thats exactly what i experience IRL”

“VENI VIDI VICI aka my chest tat i came, i saw, i conquered. Fu*k being second. I must dominate in everything i do”

“Thats actually the one thing im very proud of. i still remember that time i was training, some kid came up to me, 17, decent build on him…didnt ask for a photo or anything, just said hey “hey mr. zyzz man sir, dont want to bother you, just want to say your the reason im here today and even joined up and i put on 7 kilos thanks to you…thanks man, ill leave you to it” cutest thing ive ever seen in my life i wanted to hug the c*nt.”

“it was a gradual process. i remember going to a rave when i was 17 and seeing girls all over these ripped guys, thinking fuk they have it good. then started training, you stop giving a fuk about girls and grow a passion for it because you love it. If you dont enjoy it and you want to do it just for the end result, might as well give up, because you wont be consistent.

ive seen many fall. ive been training 5 days a week for the last 4 years, whether or not i go on holiday, am sick, injured, etc. no excuses”

“At the end of the day, i have respect for anyone who wants to make a change for themselves and start training and improving their body and health. In my opinion, the gym/training/dieting lifestyle is by far the most fun and rewarding way to live your life. The people that laugh at the overweight/obese people in the gym are a disgrace, i applaud them for having the courage and determination to train and want to make a change for themselves despite the obvious hardships they would face. At the end of the day, its all up to how much you want it yourself. Some people dont care that much and are happy with their bodies and its not a big issue for them, good for them, but for anyone to take the piss out of and ridicule anyone trying their best to lose weight/gain muscle and make a change for themselves, especially if they are finding it hard due to their genetics, make me sick. If you want it, you will get it, and will eventually prove the haters wrong. And that is one of the best feelings a human being can experience.”



Zyzz’s words encapsulate a mindset that defies societal norms in favor of personal fulfillment.

His quotes continue to serve as reminders to live fearlessly, pursue one’s passions relentlessly, and embrace the journey of self-improvement.

Zyzz’s legacy, encapsulated in his quotes, continues to inspire a free-spirited ethos in the fitness community, ensuring that his influence endures the test of time.

With a lasting impression through his unique expressions and candid advice, Zyzz carved a niche in the hearts of fitness enthusiasts.

His legacy, elucidated through Zyzz quotes, remains an inspiring saga of audacity, passion, and the undying spirit of conquering one’s aspirations.

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