Your Dream Could Become a Reality! PROTEIN BEER Is On the Way!

Your Dream Could Become a Reality! PROTEIN BEER Is On the Way!

Meet Brewtein.


Typically drinking a six-pack of beer doesn’t lead to six-pack abs, but one man is hoping to change that. Meet Blake Konrardy, a beer lover, workout enthusiast, and big dreamer. He is attempting to launch a line of “fitness beers.” According to Konrardy’s Kickstarter page, he is raising money to make two protein-fortified beers, known as Brewtein and and NutriBeer respectively, through his company Supplemental Brewing.

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Brewtein — which come with seven grams of whey protein — has “greater protein content than any other beer in existence.” It is an American wheat ale and is five percent alcohol by volume. NutriBeer, which is a light lager, is a “low carb beer” made for those seeking to limit their calorie intake. It features four grams of protein and is four percent alcohol by volume.


Read this next: This Is What Happens To Your Testosterone Levels When You Drink Beer

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9 thoughts on “Your Dream Could Become a Reality! PROTEIN BEER Is On the Way!”

    1. Avatar

      Maybe he does workout to be healthy and not to put more strain on his heart and joints. If you think everyone who works out does it to look like a bodybuilder, you have to get out of your cave, or just turn on your TV and you’ll see even some pro-UFC fighters dont really look shredded, despite all the time they spend training (it’s their job).

      1. Avatar

        This skinny guy doesn’t look like a UFC fighter to me, if he tried to fight professionally would snap like a twig! Do you believe he has the posture of athlete?

        1. Avatar
          Jean-Sebastien B

          Quote where I said that this particular guy looked like a UFC fighter, because I can’t find it in my previous post.

          My point was that he might be working out, casually, and not on on a bodybuilder program.

          I gave the example of professional athletes (I could’ve talked about Olympic athletes for examples, whatever) who don’t always look shredded. They are professionals who workout 6 or 7 days a week, 2 times a day, so if you take that example, and go back to that average guy who’s just working out casually, you could understand that he might not look like what you see all these supplements advertisements.

          So it’s not about who can beat who in a fight, you missed the point completely.

          I hope this time it is clear for you, because I’m not very good at drawing.

  1. Avatar

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen….
    That protein beer y’all are sharing… is stupid.
    The Macros… are stupid.
    You all… are heinously uninformed….

    You’d be better off having a Miller Lite and a cheese stick…. which coincidentally has the same amount of protein as that beer, and lower calories and carbs all around…

    “Brewtein” Beer
    Calories: 178
    Carbs: 13
    Protein 7g

    Miller Lite and a Cheese Stick
    Calories:60+96 = 156
    Carbs:0+3.2 = 3.2
    Protein 7g+0g = 7g

  2. Avatar

    OK, so the first thing that went through my head when I saw protein-beer was, “How are you going to prevent chemistry from happening so that the alcohol doesn’t denature the protein?” Ethanol has this habit of doing that to several proteins…

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