Young Bodybuilder DIES After A Barbell Loaded With 315lbs Drops On His Neck

Young Bodybuilder DIES After A Barbell Loaded With 315lbs Drops On His Neck

Iowa, AP Report: Authorities say a young 22-year-old man has died after a barbell slipped from his grasp and crushed his neck at a gym in central Iowa.

Check out the full news report video here.

The tragedy occurred about about 10 miles north Des Moines at Elite Edge Transformation Centre in Ankeny. According to witnesses, Kyle Thomson was bench pressing with 315lbs on the bar when the bar slipped from his grasp and landed on his neck, leading to his tragic death. Was he doing suicide grip??

After the incident a fire ambulance took Kyle to  to Des Moines Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival…

According to witnesses, there were spotters watching Kyle while he benched, however this didn’t manage to prevent the fatality.

We all joke about with things like “one way ticket to snap city” and crossfit fails etc… but this story really drills home the importance of safety when it comes to training, especially when performing heavy lifts like squats and bench press!

Safe sets bro! Safe sets!!

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