You Can Never Guess How Much Jen Selter Earns For Her Instagram Posts

You Can Never Guess How Much Jen Selter Earns For Her Instagram Posts

Jen Selter is famous for one thing and one thing only, her unbelievable body.

Over the past year Jen has become an Internet and Instagram sensation after racking up more than 5 million followers on social media.

Selter’s amazing assets now earn her a reported $50,000 per Instagram post – which is ridiculous – but then again so is she!

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Jen is making a pretty healthy living off her Instagram posts and is forecasted to rake in even more cash next year as she gets paid for more appearances!

Miss Selter definitely has a big future ahead of her, assuming she keeps up her gruelling fitness routine!

Currently the 21-year-old has an estimated net worth of $500,000 and it’s only going to grow.

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