YK11 Review: Before After Results and Side Effects Exposed

YK11 Review: Before After Results and Side Effects Exposed

The word is—YK11 could be the most powerful and potent SARM ever created.

Let’s face it, you’re not afraid to supplement and in doing so you demand the most effective product on the market.

So, when something new appears which claims to be the ultimate mass builder—you’re interested. But, you also know it could be trash.

I’m right, yeah?

Many guys claim that YK11 delivers results which aren’t just astounding—they seem physically impossible.

This YK11 review will explore what it is, how it works, and the side effects it can cause.

Be warned—this article will shock you to the core.

What Is SARM YK11?

The truth is, even the experts aren’t totally sure.

Back in 2011, Yuichiro Kanno, a cell researcher at Toho University, Tokyo discovered this compound.[1]

Get ready for this—scientifically, it should be called:

(17α,20E)-17,20-[(1-methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene-21-carboxylic acid methyl ester.

Structurally it appears that YK11 resembles traditional anabolic steroids more closely than SARMs

I’m guessing that Kanno soon became bored of writing down over 60 characters in his research every time he referred to it—so instead, he named it YK 11 after his own initials.

He discovered this compound acts as an androgen agonist—that is, it directly stimulates male hormonal activity—which in bodybuilding encourages fast muscle growth.

As this is how SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) tend to function—in his first study, he named it as a possible SARM.[2]

From that point onwards, researchers (and most bodybuilders) began to class it alongside all other SARMs.

However, this may not be the case. Structurally, it appears that YK11 resembles traditional anabolic steroids more closely than SARMs.

In the image below, you can see the typical four-part backbone steroid structure—which is mirrored by YK11. This led many experts to then deduce it was a steroid.

But, as it’s thought (so far) that it only directly targets receptors (unlike steroids which have a scattergun approach)—it should be a SARM.

Hence, as there’s no consensus, modern research currently refers to it as a steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator.[3]

As you’re probably beginning to understand—despite this compound being named over eight years ago—science still knows very little about it.

“Is YK11 a Steroid?”

As mentioned above, possibly. It has a similar structure to anabolic steroids yet functions like a SARM. Hence, many people refer to it as a steroidal SARM.

YK11 still requires extensive testing to understand exactly what it is, the effects it can produce, and whether it’s dangerous. As such, it’s completely legal to purchase this compound if you’re a scientific researcher wishing to explore its properties.

I’m assuming you’re not (if you are—then I’m grateful you’re reading this YK11 article, but I’d suggest you should really know more than me about it),

However, to date, there’s been no human testing on YK11. Which means it hasn’t been approved by the FDA for use in dietary supplements. So, not legal for bodybuilding use.[4]

It’s also banned for use in sporting competition. While not specifically mentioned on the prohibited list by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), it comes under the umbrella term of SARMs which are prohibited.[5]

Furthermore, there’s some recent research from the Center for Preventive Doping Research in Cologne, Germany who have performed a complete spectrum analysis of YK-11. This is to allow WADA to test for the drug in athletes.

How Does YK11 Work?

It’s believed that the main muscle-building benefits received from YK11 are due to its actions as a myostatin blocker.[6]

Let me explain. Myostatin (sometimes referred to as growth differentiation factor 8 or GDF-8) is a protein occurring in animals and humans which reduces the rate of myogenesis. That is, the growth of muscles.[7]
Effectively, it exists to prevent the muscles from becoming too large (can they be too big?).

YK11 is thought to attach to muscle androgen receptors which are then stimulated to produce follistatin—another protein which inhibits the power of the muscle-killer myostatin.[8]

In doing so, anabolic effects are vastly elevated. The hard work that you put in down at the gym is not counteracted by myostatin—meaning muscle growth accelerates rapidly.

If you supplement with Sustanon 250 (testosterone), or in fact most steroids, they can have similar effects. Testosterone, actually more specifically DHT (dihydrotestosterone), acts to elevate follistatin levels.[9]

However, research from 2013 indicates that dosing with YK11 results in more effective follistatin production and myostatin blocking than DHT. Meaning, its anabolic effects are greater than traditional steroids.

YK11 Benefits – What Is It Used For?

The abilities of YK11 to inhibit myostatin and therefore promote muscle growth may make it useful in the treatment of muscle-wasting diseases.

However, for guys like you and me who push ourselves to the max and demand enhanced training results, here are the main benefits.

Elevates Muscle Mass Gains

As explained above, the ability of YK11 to boost follistatin and inhibit myostatin means that your body is placed into a prime anabolic state.

Currently, your body is almost under house arrest. The gains you can make are restricted. This is why bodybuilders sometimes become disappointed with their results. They literally can’t push themselves any harder but still the mass they’re chasing doesn’t appear.

YK11 can free you from your chains and allow you to make the gains that you have earned and deserved.

Requires No Hypodermic Needles

Unless you’re a masochist—no one likes injecting themselves with ‘roids. Even serious juicers find them uncomfortable and can suffer from post-loading “sting”.

What’s more, you’re not exactly going to whip out your hypodermic in the middle of Starbucks when you remember you forgot today’s hit.

YK11 is available in capsule and powder form which is pain-free and more convenient.

More Potent Than Steroids

As the 2013 study indicated—YK11 is more potent than DHT.

Hence, you’re receiving greater returns on your hard-earned dollar that you spend on your supplements.

YK11 Results: Before and After YK11 Cycle

Before I get into the YK11 before and after results, there’s something I need to mention.

The current opinion within the bodybuilding community is that YK11 works best when cycled as a sole SARM. Most importantly, it’s often mentioned that it shouldn’t be used alongside steroids which also bind to the androgen receptor (such as testosterone).

This is due to the fact that both will be competing for binding affinity—theoretically reducing the efficacy of both.

Hence, let’s assume you’re about to start a sole YK11 cycle of eight weeks, dosing at 10 mg per day (or 5 mg for first-time users).

You’re using YK11 because you’re unhappy with the current rate of your gains. Every week you’re working out to the max, strict on the nutritional intake, and chugging back the protein.

Yeah, you’ve good definition and way more muscle than the average Joe—but you don’t consider the returns truly reflect your enormous efforts.

I’m not going to lie to you here. The first results are going to come after just seven days.

This is the most often reported result by users—simply because they can’t believe that it’s happened. Even guys who have juiced with the fastest acting steroid of them all, Anadrol, are shocked.

Ok, you’re not going to have hulk-like size after just one week—but just one look in the gym mirror and you’re visibly bigger. Possibly for the first time, you’re immediately hooked on your new supplement.

But, after the first week, the surprises continue. You discover that these initial improvements weren’t just a flash in the pan which then simply tails off—the mass keeps on building.

By the end of week four, as long as you’re still working yourself as hard as ever on the weights—you’re astounded. Day after day you’ve felt seriously stronger, and this isn’t just some psychological effect induced by YK11.

You’ve seen yourself racking up an extra plate time after time—because those final reps were becoming just too easy. You can feel yourself really taking your muscles past their “normal” limits—developing mighty cannonballs, witnessing shirt-splitting pumps, and freakin’ jaw-dropping abs.

In week eight, when the cycle completes, you’ve seen more gains in two months than you have in the past two years. You finish your experience with YK11 with a physique that you previously considered was impossible to achieve.

Not only do you have the definition and mass that other guys can only dream about—you’re feeling damn awesome about yourself too. Wishing that you’d discovered this “wonder drug” sooner.

Listen up.

These are the typical results that guys have experienced. I know what you’re thinking—if that’s the case, why isn’t everyone using YK11?

The truth is—YK11 does have some adverse health effects that many users have reported. But most shockingly of all, using this compound is somewhat similar to playing Russian roulette—but with three bullets.

YK11 Side Effects Exposed


SARMs are often praised by guys for their steroid-like anabolic properties but without the terrible adverse health issues.


It’s true that generally speaking, some SARMs exhibit fewer androgenic side effects than steroids, such as an enlarged prostate and hair loss.[10]

However, in the case of YK11—it’s not so simple.

Remember, to date, there have been zero clinical studies performed on humans with this compound. The only tests on human cells that have so far taken place are in vitro—that is, a few cells stuck in a test tube. Effectively, by using this drug, you are becoming the guinea pig (or usually these days, rat or monkey).

This means the YK11 dangers are simply unknown.

The only current evidence is from guys that have taken this steroidal SARM. After researching numerous SARMS YK11 reviews, forums, and reddits—here are what some guys have experienced:

  • Hair loss.
  • Stomach upsets.
  • Acne and oily skin.
  • Aggression.
  • Itchy skin.

One of the most serious side effects most commonly mentioned by users is impaired liver function. Again, there’s no scientific evidence of this adverse issue—but the frequency that it’s raised by YK11 devotees should give you some serious cause for concern.

Hence, if you really are determined to take YK11—it may be worth considering supplementing with a liver protector such as milk thistle of N-acetyl cysteine.

Here’s my advice. If you use YK11 and begin to witness or feel any adverse effects—stop immediately. Remember, you’re using a completely untested, under-researched, and unfamiliar drug.

Where to Buy YK11 For Sale

Surprisingly, despite the fact that YK11 can only be legally purchased for “research purposes”—it’s not that difficult to obtain.

Well, that’s in theory at least. Type YK11 into Google or other search engine and you will be amazed by the number of sites purporting to sell it.

But, that’s where your problems begin.

Buying from one of these search results can be problematic. The main issues are:

  • These “companies” are selling illegal products—this isn’t like buying a supplement from GNC—there’s no guarantee of “good practice”.
  • Recent research indicates that the majority of SARM products available online are either under-dosed, contain other banned (an undeclared) ingredients, or in many cases contain none of the stated SARM at all.[11]
  • You may receive no product in return despite handing over your credit card details—these “SARM hypermarkets” appear as fast as they disappear.

Just like knocking back YK11 pills—buying them online is a massive gamble.

FAQ – Frequently Asked YK11 Questions

“How to Take YK11?”

YK11 is taken orally. Most often, it’s available online in capsule form, although some vendors offer it as a powder.

“When to Take YK11?”

Some guys recommend that your daily dose is split into two and taken at either end of the day—others suggest the full dose is taken in one complete hit.

Whichever you decide to do, it’s sensible to take YK11 at the same time(s) every day to prevent peaks and troughs in your system.

“What Is the YK11 Half Life?”

As there’s been so little research on this steroidal SARM—no one really knows. Current opinion is that the YK11 half life is around 6-8 hours—although increasingly guys are saying that it could be as long as 12-16 hours.

What is agreed is that it has a shorter half-life than most SARMs—which are usually around 24-36 hours.

“What Is the Best YK11 Dosage?”

For guys, the most frequent used YK11 dose is 5 mg for first-time users rising to 10 mg for those who have previous experience. Some guys are dosing at around 20 mg—but even in the juicing community, this is considered abuse and somewhat foolhardy.

For women, the usual dose is between 0.5 mg to 2 mg.

The fact is—no one really knows the actual safe dose for either sex.

“How Quickly Will I See Results from Using YK11?”

YK11 is an extremely fast-acting compound—with many users reporting visible muscle gains after just seven days.

“Does YK11 Increase Testosterone Levels?”

No. YK11 stimulates androgen receptors in order to build muscle.

There’s some debate as to whether YK11 inhibits natural testosterone production—some guys report they need PCT (post-cycle therapy) after use, others indicate that they were unaffected.

“How Long Does YK11 Stay In Your System?”

If we assume that the half-life of YK11 is 6-8 hours, it would remain in the body for about two weeks after cessation of use.

That being said, SARM metabolites can hang around in the body for a long time—and YK11 hasn’t been studied for its detectability length.

“Are SARMs Harmful?”

While it’s true many SARMs exhibit fewer androgenic side effects than steroids—they can still appear (although milder).

However, some specific SARMs have illustrated in scientific studies that they can cause cancer, destroy liver cells, and inhibit natural testosterone production.

“What Is YK11 Used For?”

In bodybuilding, YK11 is used for its ability to vastly increase the rate of muscle growth. It does this by reducing myostatin levels—a protein which can impair anabolism.

“Does YK11 Cause Hair Loss?”

While there’s little scientific research indicating that YK11 causes MAA (male androgenic alopecia), it seems that in some circumstances it could promote the loss of hair.

This is the most commonly mentioned side effect by users of this steroidal SARM.

Summary – YK11 Reviews Conclusion

As this YK11 SARMS review has shown, scientifically speaking, using YK11 to elevate gains is incredibly effective.

Research has indicated that it acts as a muscle-growth promoter by inhibiting the anabolic-reducing effects of myostatin. What’s more, numerous users of this compound have testified to making phenomenal gains—out-performing even the most potent steroids.

However, in many ways, YK11 remains a completely unknown quantity.

The experts still haven’t reached a conclusion to whether YK11 is a SARM, steroid, or steroidal SARM. Additionally, no human studies have ever been conducted. Most worryingly—its side effects, both short and long-term, are not understood.

It will be years before this compound is declared safe—or otherwise. What’s more, even if it is found to have no adverse effects, buying it for bodybuilding use is still illegal and a complete gamble.

The bottom line.

If you use YK11 you will make seriously impressive gains—but you could also be the guinea pig that proves it screws up the human body.


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