Yanet Garcia, the Weather Girl That Squats Is Dating Famous Jacked Call of Duty Player

Yanet Garcia, the Weather Girl That Squats Is Dating Famous Jacked Call of Duty Player

Everyone remembers that seriously hot Mexican weather girl who had every man on the internet drooling on their keyboards and going crazy, right? Well, she’s dating one of the best Call of Duty players in the world.

His name is Doug Censor Martin, but you’ll know him better as Faze Censor. He makes a sh*t-ton of money playing Call of Duty online and makes vlogs just to top up his cashflow… you know, for the rainy day fund.

Here’s a few of Faze Censor’s vlogs about the time they spent together in New York. If you’re not into public displays of affection, you may want to get a sick bucket before pressing play…





A bit cringey, but if you were going out with someone like Yanet Garcia, you’d show off about it too…

Now, she doesn’t actually speak any English which we thought might be a bit of a problem. But as it turns out, Faze Censor actually met Yanet Garcia on Mexican television so we imagine he can indeed speak Spanish. You can see how much he fancied her from the get-go…



 And how they actually met still remains a mystery. I mean, she used to be a model, fine. He’s spent his whole life playing video games and hitting the gym. So we can only imagine this was something of a ‘I really fancy her and have the means with which to make her want to meet me even though she lives in Mexico’, kind of thing.

But anyway, if video games can attract girls like Yanet Garcia, we should all sack off the summer and brush up on our no-scoping. It just feels like the right thing to do.


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