8 Unwritten Gym Rules That You NEED to Know (#4 is the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!!!!)

8 Unwritten Gym Rules That You NEED to Know (#4 is the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!!!!)

#1 – Bottle, Keys or towel next to the equipped means someone’s using it

If you ever see this, it means someone is using the equipment, whether they’ve nipped to the toilet, doing a superset with another piece of equipment, or just stood about somewhere talking to everyone to avoid their workout… either way, if you jump on it, be prepared for a disgruntled gym rat to return in the middle of your set!


#2 – No talking during sets

For most people, this doesn’t even need to be said, but some people just don’t understand that you’re at the gym to train, not sit about and have a chat for a couple of hours. You know them people I’m talking about… the ones that just stand around and talk all day and never seem to actually do any “training”…


Which takes me onto my next point…

#3 – Headphones means I don’t want to be bothered

Headphones in, music on, in the zone, only means one thing… I DO NOT WANT TO TALK. If I wanted to talk then I wouldn’t have my headphones in, so don’t come up to me wanting to chat like you would with your other half over afternoon tea… I’m here to train!!!


#4 – Re-rack your weights

THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER. It’s not hard guys! If you can get them out, you can put them away. It just good gym etiquette and generally not being a d*ck…


#5 – Wipe down the machine after using it

People do not want to bathe in your pool of sweat that you’ve just left on the bench… So if you’re sweating like a fat person in a heatwave and you’re using equipment, make sure you wipe your rancid sweat off it afterwards!

#6 – Wear suitable clothing

Don’t be rocking up to the gym in your work boots from the building site, covering everywhere in mud… it ruins it for other people! Nor rock up in a pair of you weekend best jeans, looking like you’re going on a night out – you just look like an absolute idiot! Not to mention it’s far from practical to train in!

#7 – Don’t hoard weights

Don’t be that guy that has every set of dumbbells out off the rack, and when someone else asks to borrow them for a set, they say, “Nag, sorry bro, I’m using them”… what the hell else are we meant to do when you’ve got every single set of dumbbells off the rack?!?!?! SMH.

#8 – Don’t dish out advice to people bigger than you

Okay, so it might be good advice, and you might be well in the right, but odds are they’re not going to take kindly to it!! So you’re best off just minding your own business and letting them get on with it… unless you’re feeling brave…


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