Intensity Issues: Your single biggest limiting factor for growth

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Workout Intensity Issues: Your single biggest limiting factor for growth

Our toil is a lone state in which we are in constant battle with our bodies to develop into something we have imagined for years. It is a twenty four hour, seven days a week struggle which we face head on, never backing down, relentless in our attack.

Workout Intensity Issues

Despite having all the necessary ingredients at our disposal to reach our ultimate destiny, only a few take advantage of one of the most important aspects of this game; intensity. The heights to which you can mentally take yourself going into a workout could ultimately decide whether you get into the spot light or fade away into the shadows of obscurity. No one can help you get there but yourself, it is a place of darkness that must shine through and if utilized correctly, unlimited growth and potential will be met.

Dig in deep

Approaching each workout like it could be your last is a great place to get the fire burning.

Workout Intensity Issues

Every single set and each and every rep should be looked at as your only opportunity to improve.

If you take this mind set, your workouts will change into more of a game of survival versus a game of show and tell. Tell yourself, this is it, there is nothing left after this and if you can find that desire deep within your soul to push or pull as hard as you can regardless of what the outcome will be, success will be granted. Who cares if you pass out, so what if you shit your pants, puking is encouraged and if in the end all it means is a couple new pounds of muscle, then it was all worth it.

Get emotional

That’s right guys; go to that place that upsets you.

Workout Intensity Issues

Relive memories from your past that put you in a state of fear, a state of vulnerability, a time that made you cry uncontrollably. Why is this good you ask? This one’s simple; no one likes to feel like that and no one wants to believe they are weak.This should piss you off real good. Good enough to want to tear the gym apart and leave the pieces for someone else to pick up. The type of intensity that can be drummed up from this state of mind is scary; it’s scary because it just got personal and your persona is on the line.

Reputation and the ego

Now that you have tapped into two major intensity resources, what’s left when they dry up? The audience effect is what’s left. Building or maintaining your reputation is going to go a long way to supporting your ego. The act of establishing dominance is so strong that when others are watching what you are doing, you automatically go into overdrive to ensure your status amongst others just like you.

The only difference is your burning desire to be top dog and you’ll find that feats of strength like you’ve never experienced before become common place.

Workout Intensity Issues

As unique as the physiques that surround you are, so too is the ability for those to summon intensity when needed. Each individual will have their own set of triggers that motivates them to be great and only the strong willed will call upon it each time they hit the gym. If your toil is one of complacency, then please disregard everything you just read. If the idea of reaching physical dominance keeps you up at night, find your intensity trigger, pull it and completely annihilate every single gym you ever walk into!

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