Joey Swoll Reacts To A Woman Raging at a lifter for leaving a squat rack for a few minutes

Joey Swoll Reacts To A Woman Raging at a lifter for leaving a squat rack for a few minutes

Joey Swoll is on a mission to change gym culture; Joey is a well-known fitness influencer and is now on a mission to change toxic gym behavior.

Joey has been getting a lot of attention for his videos where he reacts to gym bullies that film others in the gym to humiliate or belittle them.

We have seen videos of people filming others in the gym and posting the footage on social media.

Most of the time, the victims of this filming are innocent gym goers just minding their business in the gym.

The gym bullies then post the footage on social media for likes and attention.

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Joey Swoll’s message is simple : “Mind your own business”

Joey has previously discussed that many people fear working out in public gyms because they are new and feel intimidated.

The videos we have been circulating online of gym bullies filming others aren’t helping the situation any bit.

In a recent video, a woman rages at a lifter for taking too long to squat.

Now there are a lot of squat programs out there that are built that way that you do many sets of squats.

The entitled woman doesn’t think the lifter has the right to take so much time squatting because she wants to use the squat rack.

She filmed the innocent lifter and posted the footage on social media.

This video caught the attention of Joey Swoll, who responded to the woman, and here’s what he had to say:

Right off the bat, first and foremost, it is always good gym etiquette to be kind and courteous to others. Be wary of those around you. Don’t take forever on a machine. Let people work in, whatever the case may be, and don’t step away for long periods of time like this man did. However, that doesn’t mean that he has to come back from super setting or whatever he was doing to somebody with a camera in his face recording him and then threatening him that you’re going to post it online. He immediately apologized to you and asked if you wanted to work in. He stayed calm the whole time. He didn’t deserve the way you spoke to him; you berated him, you swore at him, told him how to act and in the comments you even said that you even spoke to management about having his membership provoked. Really? you think he deserves that? Guys the gym is a shared space, you are going to be around people that sometimes you don’t agree with and not eveyrone is going to follow gym etiquitte to a tee or human beings we make mistakes and that’s ok. Situations like this can always be resolved if you stay calm, are kind, respectful and simply have a conversation. I bet if you had approached him and said “Hey is this your stuff” or “May we work in” or “We are waiting for this” he would have absoluitely been kind to you and let you have it. You need to do better than that, mind your own business.

Joey Swoll Reacts To A Woman Raging at a lifter for leaving a squat rack for a few minutes (video)

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