Woman Influencer Makes Fun of Men Lifting Less Weight than her

Woman Influencer Makes Fun of Men Lifting Less Weight than her

In an age of rapid digital consumption, where a single post can go viral within moments, the message we share and the content we consume hold more weight than ever.

Recently, a video surfaced from a woman influencer in the fitness community that raised many eyebrows.

The caption of her video read: “Me when I look over the gym and a guy is moving less weight.” The video features her dancing to a song with lyrics that say, “get f’in wrecked.”

This post, while intended to be humorous, brings to light a severe issue that has been increasingly prevalent in our gym culture.

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll, known for his dedication to promoting positivity and respect within the fitness community, responded to this viral trend with a powerful message.

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Joey Swoll fitness model, and social media persona, has been a beacon of motivation and inspiration in the fitness world.

He recently gained fame for his gym positivity videos and has been a vocal critic of content that promotes toxicity in gyms.

Responding to the influencer’s video, Swoll said, “This is exactly what we don’t need in gym culture today.

Remember, being bigger or stronger than somebody does not make you a better man or woman or give you the right to belittle them or have this type of attitude.”

Swoll’s response goes beyond calling out the influencer’s post. It is an essential reminder of the true spirit of gym culture.

The gym, as Swoll points out:

is a brother/sisterhood. It’s a shared space where people come to better themselves, work towards their fitness goals, and, most importantly, support each other. The focus should always be on self-improvement and self-competition, rather than comparing oneself to others or belittling their efforts.

Swoll’s message is clear –

“You are in competition with no one but yourself. The only person you need to be stronger than is the person you were yesterday.”

This philosophy puts the spotlight back on personal growth, focusing on your progress, and building strength – physically and mentally – over time.

It discourages the toxic behavior of comparing oneself to others, a trend that can often lead to self-doubt and demotivation.

Addressing the influencer directly, Swoll urged her to keep training hard and getting stronger but also highlighted the need for a change in attitude. He urged her to “do better” and to “mind your own business.”

Swoll’s response reinforces the importance of cultivating a positive and supportive environment within the gym.

It’s a reminder that our actions, words, and even our social media posts can have a significant impact on others.

While the initial video may have been made in jest, it perpetuates a negative mindset that can discourage others from embarking on or continuing their fitness journey.

In conclusion, let’s take a leaf out of Joey Swoll’s book and strive to promote positivity, respect, and a supportive atmosphere within our gym communities.

Remember, the true essence of gym culture lies in the collective effort towards self-improvement and the shared journey of becoming stronger versions of ourselves.

Woman Influencer Makes Fun of Men Lifting Less Weight than her (video)

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