Woman Confronts A Squatter For Taking Too Long

Woman Confronts A Squatter For Taking Too Long

A video has recently surfaced online showing a woman confronting a fellow gym-goer for taking too long to finish his squats.

The incident took place in a busy gym, where the man had momentarily stepped away from the equipment, only to return to find the woman recording him and complaining about having waited 15 minutes.

The woman threatened to post the encounter on social media, which she eventually did.

Her partner even began unloading the weights from the lifter’s bar, despite the lifter explaining he still had a few sets left.

Throughout the incident, the squatter remained calm, offered the couple a chance to work in with him, and even apologized for taking too long on the squat rack.

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Bodybuilder and fitness influencer Joey Swoll was not amused by this rude encounter and responded to the video, which was initially posted to humiliate the squatter.

In his response, Swoll emphasized the importance of showing respect to one another, especially in a shared space like a gym.

Here’s what Joey Swoll said in his video:

What happened right off the bat first and foremost it is always good gym etiquette to be kind and courteous of others to be weary of those around you don’t take forever on a machine. Let people work in whatever the case may be don’t step away for long periods of time like this man did however that doesn’t mean that he has to come back from supersetting whatever he was doing to somebody with a camera in his face recording him and then threatening him that you’re going to post it online. He immediately apologized to you and asked if you wanted to work in he stayed calm the whole time he didn’t deserve the way you spoke to him you berated him you swore him you told him how to act and then in the comments you even said that you went and spoke to management about having his membership revoked. Really you think he deserves that guys the gym is a shared space you’re going to be around people that sometimes you don’t agree with and not everyone is going to follow gym etiquette to a tee .We’re human beings we make mistakes and that’s okay situations like this can always be resolved if you stay calm your kind respectful and simply have a conversation. I bet if you would have approached him said hey is this your stuff or may we work in or we’re waiting for this he would have absolutely beenkind to you and let you have it you need to do better than that mind your own business

He acknowledged that although the squatter had taken a long time at the rack, he was courteous and didn’t deserve to be treated rudely.

It was also revealed that the woman tried to get the squatter’s gym membership revoked, commenting about it on her page

Joey Swoll explained that situations like this can be resolved if everyone involved remains calm, kind, respectful, and engages in open communication.

He encouraged gym-goers to focus on their workouts, and to approach any conflicts with understanding and empathy.

By treating each other with respect and compassion, we can create a more positive and inclusive gym environment for everyone.

Joey Swoll’s response serves as a reminder that patience and understanding go a long way in fostering a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for all fitness enthusiasts.

Woman Confronts A Squatter For Taking Too Long (video)

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