Woman Calls A gym worker "Pervert" Joey Swoll Responds

Woman Calls A gym worker “Pervert” Joey Swoll Responds

Joey Swoll has been labeled the CEO of gym positivity, the huge bodybuilding influencer Joey has been taking the internet by storm for the last couple of months.

Joey has made it his mission to eliminate toxic gym behavior and is doing anything in his power to change gym culture.

Nowadays, many people film themselves or others in public gyms.

Sometimes innocent gym-goers are filmed and made fun of, labeled as perverts, or belittled.

These videos are posted on social media for likes and attention.

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Joey Swoll has responded to many gym bullies who record others in the gym to humiliate others and post these videos on social media.

Joey’s message is simple: “Mind your own business.”

Because it seems like many people do not mind their own business, they are focused on filming others in the gym to make fun of them or humiliate them.

Now Joey uses his vast social media platforms to respond to the bullies and hold them accountable for their videos.

Many of the gym bullies Joey has responded to have apologized for filming others. In contrast, others have deleted their social media accounts due to negative backlash when Joey exposed them on his social media pages.

A recent clip has been going viral on the internet when a girl in the gym accuses a gym manager of being a pervert for looking at her for a couple of seconds when she was removing her sweater.

The woman posted the video on social media, and Joey Swoll has responded to the woman.

Here’s what he had to say about the woman’s video:

Just because somebody glances at you briefly when you are pump cover off doesn’t give you the right to post a video on social media labeling them as a pervert; this has consequences; this can have a serious effect on somebodies livelihood, their reputation, their family, it’s not something to take lightly. I had the privilege to have a conversation with this young man last night, he is a good, kind-hearted young kid and he told me more about what happened. First off, he is not a trainer; he wasn’t training that man; he is an overnight gym attendant managing operations at the gym. This was about one in the morning and if somebody gets out of line and acts like this, he absolutely has the power to call the police or ask you to leave so he was not wrong in doing so. Also, he never said “oh damn” if you watch the video closely he briefly glances at you when his friend looks, you put the words “oh damn” which he never said and you slow it down to make it seem as if it was longer. It was a quick brief look, I look at people in the gym, I do it all the time, that doesn’t make me a pervert, I admire people, if you are in a shared space people are going to look at you. Now I will say this though there are men out there that harass women, there are creeps, I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve stood up against them every time. This is not that, you decided to post a video for likes and attention to put this man’s reputation, his livelihood at risk, he is the father of two young beautiful girls, working overnight to support them and you tried to take that away from him. You need to do better than that, mind your own business.

Woman Calls A gym worker “Pervert” Joey Swoll Responds (video)

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