Will Cheat Reps Actually Build More Muscle?

Will Cheat Reps Actually Build More Muscle?

So do cheat reps build more muscle?

When it comes to your training if you want to build muscle you need two very important components – first you need to work the muscles you are trying to target. Second, you need to overload the muscle so that it needs to grow to keep up with the increased stress.

While some bodybuilders have little trouble accomplishing the second part they tend to forget about actually working the targeted muscle. As a result when their muscles don’t grow they just throw more weight onto the bar and use terrible form to lift it.

You don’t necessarily need heavy weights in order to build muscle mass.

What is crucial is that your muscles thing the weight is heavy as a result of the work they are putting in. If your main focus in muscle growth and not strength you want to trick your muscle into thinking the workout is very hard rather than easy.

Your muscle will respond by replacing the broken-down tissue with even stronger and larger tissue so it can handle the next workout.

Will Cheat Reps Actually Build More Muscle?

Will Cheat Reps Build More Muscle?

Cheat Reps

When you perform cheat reps you are essentially bringing non-targeted muscles in order to help lift the weight.

Instead of failing to lift the weight because your targeted muscle is tired you use other muscles to help finish the rep. In order to make this type of training effective you need to make sure you only use just enough cheating to get the weight up. They are meant to take you past failure, not to make the entire lift easier.

A lot of people like to talk about how important it is to use perfect form when working out. While you don’t want to potentially injure yourself the problem with strict form is that it makes it very difficult to overload the muscle.

By using some cheat reps you will force your targeted muscle to go beyond failure – sending a clear message that stronger tissue is needed to handle future workouts.

When we talk about cheating here we mean continuing to move the weight all the way to the full range of motion but instead of keeping strict form you bring in other muscles or use some momentum to help move the weight. Some great exercises for using cheat reps include curls, shoulder press, lateral raises and tricep extensions.

In general we recommend avoiding cheating in multi-joint exercises like squats or deadlifts as this can lead to injury. This allows you to go past the traditional “failure” barrier. Typically this exercise is used by beginners in the wrong way as they implement cheat reps to make the lift easier.

Advanced bodybuilders on the other hand know how to use it to help them go past failure thereby making the set much more difficult. If you do these properly your muscles should feel like they were worked very hard.


As mentioned, you want to make sure you don’t cheat too much or too aggressively or you can injure yourself.

Compound exercises should be avoided when doing cheat reps as they present the greatest risk.

Remember that bodybuilding is tough work and being sloppy can result in an injury that keeps you out of the gym for weeks or months.

In order to avoid injuries it’s best to start out by performing each exercise with proper form emphasizing on the contraction of each rep. At the end of the workout you can then add in a couple of cheat reps to help you get used to lifting heavier weights or to deal with plateaus that are limiting your growth.

Overall you want to make sure every time you cheat you are doing it under control.

Will Cheat Reps Actually Build More Muscle?

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Most Important To Remember

So to return to the question posed by this article – yes, cheat reps will actually help you build more muscle.

Load up some videos on YouTube of pro bodybuilders working out and you will see how they incorporate cheat reps into many of their exercises to truly overload the muscles.

These guys have reached the pinnacle of bodybuilding so obviously if they are all using this technique it must work well.

However, many bodybuilders end up injuring themselves when they use this technique. Generally speaking these injuries are preventable because they are a result of bad form or forced reps that are not in control.

Keep in mind that some injuries are unavoidable even with proper form, but as long as you keep your reps clean you should be able to eliminate a lot of the injuries other bodybuilders suffer from.

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