Why You Need to Sleep for Muscle Growth & Optimal Testosterone Levels

Why You Need to Sleep for Muscle Growth & Optimal Testosterone Levels

When we think about building muscle mass we think consuming tons of protein, lifting heavy weights and taking a variety of supplements.

What DOESN’T get considered is sleeping – but this is actually a crucial area and overlooking it will lead to subpar gains.

The Impact of Sleep on Building Muscle

When you lift weights at the gym you are essentially tearing the muscles.

These tears then get repaired – only your body makes them a bit bigger than last time so they can handle the stress more easily.

This is how your muscles grow. So when does your body do most of this repair work? As it turns out, it gets done while you are sleeping – in fact, this is when you are in your most anabolic state.

When you are sleeping your body repairs all the muscle tissue since it doesn’t need to focus as much on other tasks that you would encounter throughout the day while you are awake.

While sleeping your body metabolizes protein very quickly – much more so than when you are still awake.

Therefore if you aren’t sleeping enough you won’t give your body the time it needs to rebuild.

That doesn’t mean you just need to get plenty of sleep on training days – you should also be aiming for 8 to 10 hours per night even on non-training days.

No need to go much past that point otherwise you might have trouble getting to sleep the following night.

When you are sleeping your body goes through important repair cycles that are essential for building muscle mass.

It is during this time that growth hormone and testosterone levels in the body spike making conditions for growth ideal.

However, by getting to sleep late you will not give your body enough time to complete this process and your gains will suffer.

Why You Need to Sleep for Muscle Growth

The Scientific Explanation

Without putting you all to sleep we will give you a quick breakdown of how this work with an actual scientific (not broscience) explanation.

When your body builds muscle mass it is synthesizing protein that it has consumed and uses them to repair muscle tissue. Since you are not eating while you sleep this is a large gap between meals so your body has lots of time to synthesize the nutrients from throughout the day and and absorb them.

When you wake up in the morning, provided that you got the recommended amount of sleep, you will likely have very little nutrients left hence the importance of a good breakfast.

One thing you want to avoid is protein breakdown – you can do this by consuming more amino acids.

This is one reason why people tend to recommend taking casein protein before bed. It provides a slow protein release so your body will synthesize it throughout the night.

However, if you don’t consume anything long before going to bed then you might find yourself in a situation where you are breaking down protein in your sleep in order to feed the muscles.

Hormones and Muscle Growth

Another reason sleep is important is that it reduces the secretion of the evil hormone known as cortisol.

Typically this hormone is produced when your body feels stressed but it also gets produced when you don’t get enough sleep.

It causes your testosterone levels to drop and it encourages your body to store fat. To make matters worse it also increases your chances of ending up with a nasty sickness.

However, by getting plenty of sleep and lifting weights you can reduce the levels of this dangerous hormone in your body.

Remember that cortisol and testosterone levels work against each other – when one goes up the other drops.

Keeping The Testosterone Levels High

A good nights sleep is going to have positive effects on your testosterone production.

Don’t make the mistakes of neglecting your sleeping pattern, diet and training because that will eventually result in decreased testosterone levels which will make you feel like less of a man.

To fully take advantage of your testosterone production you should be doing everything you can to keep those levels high, like:

  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Keep a healthy diet with plenty of healthy fats
  • Lose weight (if you are too fat)
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet.
  • Supplementing with Zinc, Vitamin-D & other testosterone boosters.

Most guys neglect the powerful testosterone boosting ingredients that are available on the market.

Their body will therefore not produce as much testosterone as it is capable of.

To truly supercharge your natural testosterone production, supplementing with these ingredients can turbocharge your t-production

Which is what we all want right?

This will result in more gains made in a shorter period of time as well as less body fat and higher energy levels.

It’s no secret that testosterone is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to building mass.

If you are interested in learning more on how you can increase testosterone production check out our ultimate guide on the best testosterone boosting ingredients.

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