Why You Don't Need Supplements To Build Muscle

Why You Don’t Need Supplements To Build Muscle

We all know building muscle is not an easy task.

It takes some serious effort and time to build a decent physique.

Once you get a decent physique it becomes harder to improve.

The gains come slower and it takes a damn long time to see results.

This is all natural and normal, building muscle is not a sprint but a marathon.

What I mean by that, is that is supposed to take a long time to build muscle and it should be hard.

It’s a good thing actually

Otherwise everybody would be jacked, ripped and it wouldn’t be anything special.

Only the committed people on this earth will achieve a remarkable physique.

Everybody wants a shredded and jacked physique, but very few are willing to work for it.

In this article we will discuss supplements and why you don’t need them to build muscle.

Why You Don't Need Supplements To Build Muscle

What needs to happen for muscle growth to occur?

Clueless guys step into the gym with no idea how to build muscle, they think they know it all but really they don’t.

This is happening all the time.

Guys buying gym membership with no clue how to train properly and eat right.

I started like this and I definitely know the feeling.

Buying all the fancy supps on the market.

They bench press 2-3 sets do some bicep curls and go home.

I used to to this for the first year I trained!

This may give them some small results but never enough to get a great physique.

What is required for muscle growth is time under tension.

Performing the right exercises, with good form and keep the tension for a certain period of time is necessary if you want to build muscle mass.

This means you should not be maxing out on every workout, or doing 30 reps with shitty form.

It means you should be very intentional in what you do and what you want to accomplish.

Before every gym session you need to know that you are training, what exercises you are going to do, why you are doing this workout,  how many sets and reps you need to do to stimulate muscle growth.

If someone asks you “why are you in the gym?”

You should have very specific answer on what your goal is and what you want to achieve.

It may be because you just want to be healthy, want to get stronger, want to lose weight or get strong.

By having a goal on what you want to accomplish, your path becomes guided.

You can then start to take the right steps in order for you to achieve your goal.

It may take some time to figure out what exercises and rep ranges work best on your body.

If you don’t know to exercise then you can download our free workout program here.

After you find that out nothing can stop you from gaining muscle.

Training is very much like science, you have to create your formula for muscle growth.

Doing random things will result in random results or no results at all.

So I want to demonstrate: Set a goal for yourself before stepping in the gym.

It can be anything for example: I want to be able to bench 2 plates, I want to lose 5 pounds of fat or I want to gain 5 pounds of muscle.

Once you achieve your goal you set another goal and make a plan to achieve it.

If your plan doesn’t work you change it.

You may need a different workout program or diet.

By doing this you will always be improving and nothing can stop you.

Why You Don't Need Supplements To Build Muscle


This is where most guys fail.

They may know exactly how to train what exercises are the best but if their diet sucks they will not build muscle.

I strongly believe that your diet is the most important factor for success in building muscle mass.

With all the resources available it becomes pretty obvious on how to eat correctly.

We all know protein is required for muscle growth, carbohydrates have also an important role in this as well as healthy fats.

Personally I’ve tried many diets over the last few years.

I did a dirty bulk once and I did not like it at all.

I gained a lot of muscle and fat.

It took some serious time to cut of the fat.

While I was bulking I looked fat, even though I was stronger and bigger than ever before.

My physique looked like shit when I was at the peak of my bulk because I was so fat.

Finally when I managed to get ripped again I  realised I only gained a couple pounds of pure muscle.

It took me about 8 months to cut the fat off, I was 30 pounds heavier than usually.

I’d recommend eating clean year around.

If you want to bulk simply increase your calorie intake but stick to healthy foods.

That way your digestion will be good and you won’t f*ck your metabolism.

You will also just feel better.

It’s much easier cutting when you are 12-%15 body fat than it is when you are 20%+

Some guys started a bulk 3 years ago and still haven’t managed to get ripped.

They always use the same excuses, “I am just bulking” or “I want to gain more muscle before cut”

But the reality of the situation is that their physique has looked like shit for the past 3 years even though they have been training hard.

This may work for some guys out there but for me it doesn’t work.

I train to be healthy, look good, strong and muscular.

Being too fat is not helping me achieve any of these things.

Why You Don't Need Supplements To Build MuscleWhy you don’t need supplements

Well honestly I love supplements I use a variety of them, they are however not necessary and I am going to explain why.

Now that you know what steps you need to take in order to gain muscle let’s talk about supplements.

I am not saying that supplements don’t work, I actually use them currently.

What I am saying is that they are not required to build muscle.

People tend to believe that they need protein shakes to build muscle.

I honestly like protein shake because of their convenience.

Takes 30 seconds to get about 25 grams of protein mixing and drinking one shake.

Usually there are about 25 grams(or less) of protein in one serving of a protein scoop.

In one cooked chicken breast there are 50 grams of protein.

So you could definitely just eat 1/2 chicken breast after a workout and get the same protein in as in one serving of protein shake.

I drink protein shakes daily but I also know I don’t need them, they are simply there for me when I am in a rush and need to get some protein in quickly.

Creatine is definitely one of the more popular supplements around, I’ve used it many times and I like it.

It’s however not necessary to have it to build muscle even though it helps with muscle endurance it’s not necessary.

Why You Don't Need Supplements To Build Muscle

A supplement that has been gaining popularity in recent years are testosterone boosters.

If you naturally possess high levels of natural testosterone they might be unnecessary.

If you are someone with average or low levels of testosterone it will help you to build muscle faster.

Since I naturally produce low levels of Testosterone (it’s in my genes) a testosterone booster has been very helpful.

It’s great for someone who is like me and has (low/average) testosterone levels.

They are designed to make your body produce as much testosterone as it possibly can.

When I use a testosterone booster I gain more muscle mass in a shorter period of time.

However if you naturally have high levels of testosterone, a supplement like that is definitely not something you’d need.

So they are definitely not necessary but will be very helpful if you have low/average levels of testosterone.

See our complete guide on the best testosterone boosters here.


So as you see diet and training are the most important factors when it comes down to building an impressive physique.

Even though I use supplements on a daily basis I’ve found out that you can skip them all together and still get a good physique.

It may be harder without the use of supplements but they are still something you don’t need if your goal is to get muscular or shredded.

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