Why Women Are More Attracted To Men With High Testosterone Levels

Why Women Are More Attracted To Men With High Testosterone Levels

You want to know why women are attracted to men with higher testosterone?

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for muscle growth among other things.

Before we start this article let’s first identify the known  symptoms of high testosterone levels.

  • More muscle mass
  • Leaner body
  • Deeper voice
  • Bigger shoulders
  • More confidence
  • More aggressiveness

These are a few of the symptoms of high testosterone levels.

With this knowledge we have now on testosterone we can learn some things from nature.

It really doesn’t matter which animal we look at.

It can be the lion, the eagle or even a wolf.

When we look at how these animals behave in nature we can clearly identify which males are more attractive to females.

The more powerful and the higher survival value the male animal has,  the more attractive it is to females.

For example lets talk about the wolf.

She wolfs are genetically wired to mate with and feel attraction towards wolfs that have a higher chance of survival.

When a she wolf is looking for a male wolf to mate with it is very important that he possesses qualities of high survival value.

That means she will only mate with a wolf that is powerful and healthy enough to protect her and her cups against other predators, strong enough to hunt for them, healthy enough to breed healthy and strong cups.

These are all qualities that come from high testosterone levels.


But what about us humans?

We humans are more complex than other animals because of our superior brain.

That does not change the fact that we are still animals.

Females in today’s society are genetically  wired to mate with guys that have high survival values.

That’s why women go for guys who have a healthy good looking strong body, powerful connections and money to support her and a future family.

Testosterone the male hormone is partially responsible for all these qualities.

Just think about this.

A fa  ugly man that has no friends,  not healthy, no muscles,  has a low paying job and can’t protect himself.

Do you think this man would be attractive to women?

Of course not.

Women are genetically wired to seek out the alpha male that possesses qualities that come with high testosterone production just like the animals.

Women are genetically wired to find guys attractive that are muscular and strong enough to protect her from others, has an income that can support her and even a future baby if they have one and is healthy so he just won’t die away from her and leave her alone.

These qualities are strongly influenced by testosterone levels.

Therefore the higher the testosterone levels in many cases the more attractive the man is.

We as humans are not as simple as the animals but these principles still apply to some extent.

Of course testosterone has great muscle building advantages.

That’s why lifters are obsessed with testosterone levels in their body.

The more testosterone you have the more muscle you can build.

If you have low testosterone levels  it will be extremely hard for you to build up muscle mass.

Is It possible to increase testosterone levels?

Yes it is, you can naturally increase your testosterone production.

The most effective way to safely increase natural testosterone production is taking in a testosterone booster.

We’ve made a guide on the best testosterone boostersAccess guide here.

You can see the Top 3 Testosterone Boosters on the market here.

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