Why Water is Crucial for Building Muscle

Why Water is Crucial for Building Muscle

When it comes to building muscle, a ton of emphasis is put on consuming lots of protein, high quality carbs and healthy dietary fats.

We purchase the top of the line supplements and make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

However, what often ends up getting neglected is the most important and easiest nutrient of all – water. It’s not just important for our health – getting plenty of water actually helps improve your physique as well.

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Why Water is Crucial for Building Muscle

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Hopefully at this point you are all familiar with the term progressive overload – lifting more today than you did 3 months ago.

After all, you won’t get any bigger if you can’t lift more.

Well as it turns out, studies have shown that being dehydrated can result in less strength- which means you will have a harder time setting new personal records.

Make sure you get plenty of water – particularly before and after your workout – and watch your strength improve.

Muscle Mass

Other studies have shown that the amount of water in your body impacts whether or not your body breaks down muscle tissue.

This is obviously very important because muscle breakdown prevents protein synthesis.

Therefore, make sure you get plenty of water so that your cells absorb it and swell which reduces the likelihood that the muscle tissue is broken down.


When it comes to recovery, being dehydrated can also slow the process down.

Remember that recovery is when the actual muscle growth happens, so if you are dehydrated you will be impeding muscle growth.

Make sure you drink plenty of water right before and after your workout to make sure this doesn’t happen.

For recovery another crucial factor is having your t-levels in check. Guys with higher testosterone recover faster than those who have low testosterone.

For more information on that subject check out our article on how you can use the right ingredients to boost your t-levels. – Read article here.

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Remember all those great foods you ate that were packed with nutrients?

Well if your body can’t digest them properly you won’t benefit from them.

Therefore you need to make sure you are digesting properly and one of the best ways of doing that is getting plenty of water.

By drinking water with your meals instead of sugary juices or soft drinks you will digest better and eliminate bad calories from your diet.


Hopefully after reading this article you opt for drinking water with your meals instead of soft drinks.

As you can see, something as simple as not getting enough H2O can mess up your gains.

Given that this is relatively easy to fix, make sure you are getting plenty of water and optimizing your bodybuilding results!

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