Why Non-Lifters Hate Going To the Gym

Why Non-Lifters Hate Going To the Gym

There are hundreds of reason why normal people don’t like going to the gym. They’re intimated by all the good looking people and they feel insecure. Check out these top reasons why non-lifters hate going to the gym.

Water Fountain Lines.


You just pounded out a set of one million and you’re sweating from every orifice on your body. The only thing that you can think of that will make you feel better is a refreshing sip of water from that glorious fountain. Problem is, there is always at least 3 people in front of you and guess what – they are all filling up giant water bottles, maybe even milk jugs. How about this…let me cut in front of you really quick so I can take me 10 second (tops) sip of water before you use 20 minutes to fill your water bottle up? Thanks.

It’s Expensive.


A good gym in New York can cost upwards of $80-$100 a month. Sure you can join a Planet Fitness for $10 a month, but trust me, you don’t want to go there. They have pizza parties there routinely, not really what you think about when you are thinking about getting into shape. So to get a good gym, be prepared to spend at the very minimum $50 a month of your hard earned money to go to a place where you hate every second of your life while you’re there. Why not just go buy a bunch of ice cream and candy instead?

Not being able to lift the weights back up.


Oh man, is there a more emasculating feeling than trying to do a couple of reps on bench press and end up getting pinned under the weight? Yes there is, having a guy come over and helping you pick the weight up off of your weak little body. I think I’d rather get crushed under the weight than have another person come over and embarrass me like this.

Old ripped guys that make you look like sh*t


This guy has to be like at least 60 years old and he is bench pressing double the weight that you are. To be fair, he has had more time to get huge than you, but HE’S OLD! YOU SHOULD BE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN A SENIOR CITIZEN! Talk about humiliating. This is enough to make any gym goer lower their head in shame and walk out.



If you’re just getting started at the gym, get ready for a LOT of pain. I’m not talking about dropping a weight on your foot or anything like that (ouch!), I’m saying that even if you lift everything in perfect form and do a stellar job, you are going to be sore for at least the next 2 days. Especially if you intend on doing leg lifts. Be prepared to not be able to walk for like a week.

Being intimated by shirtless lifters

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You would think that this is a joke, but it’s not. I’ve seen dudes take off their shirt just to show you how incredibly huge they are and how you aren’t. Hey buddy, I know you’re jacked. You know how? I can see how much you’re lifting, I can see your muscles through your already skin tight shirt, and I can also hear you screaming every time you lift anything. Yes, this guy is also the guy who grunts on every rep he does. All attention MUST be on him, so his shirt is off and he screams and probably slams the weight when he is done.

Seeing A Girl Who Is Bigger Than You (for guys).


You’re a big strong man, or so you think. You look around and see a woman lifting more than you. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but genetically, men are supposed to be the stronger sex. What happened to you, dude? You had genetics on your side and you are getting lapped by this lady who can probably rip you in half.

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