Why Most Guys Settle For A Mediocre Physique

Why Most Guys Settle For A Mediocre Physique

Why do we settle for mediocrity?

It’s an undeniable fact that most guys are comfortable with average.

This is not the case when they start out though.

As soon as they get the dream girl or get one ripped instragram shot they lose all motivation to train.

Because they achieved what they were after.

They are comfortable with mediocre physiques and satisfied if they are a little cut and have decent muscle size.

When striving to greatness in building muscle there are few factors that guys simply ignore.

Of course there is diet and hard training.

Dieting on a high protein diet and keeping an eye on what you put into your body can be hard.

Also lifting heavy weights deadlifting, squatting and benching is definitely not for the average joe.



It has to become your mission to lift heavy weights every week if you want to get a superior looking body.

Your diet has also to be on point, otherwise you will just like the other 99% of the world with average bodies.

We all know building muscle is hard, it takes a long time and consistency to simply add a few pounds of muscle to your physique.

One of the most overlooked factors for building muscle is testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth

Many guys are suffering from deficiency in testosterone.

This could be because they are too fat, eat too much sugar, don’t get the right amount of healthy fats in, don’t train regularly or simply don’t have the right genetics.

Genetics play a large role in testosterone production and some guys have “bad testosterone production” genetics.

Naturally we only produce so much of testosterone which is crucial for muscle growth.

Almost every guy can get a better testosterone production if he follows the right steps.

That will help us to build muscle at a faster rate.

Testosterone largely determines how much muscle we can build!

To supercharge our muscle growth and get a superior looking body there are 4 things to keep in mind.

  • Smart and hard training
  • Enough of sleep preferably 8 hours or more
  • Good nutrition
  • High enough testosterone production to support muscle growth.

With higher testosterone levels muscle growth becomes faster and easier.

A great way to maximise our body’s natural ability to produce testosterone is taking in a five star quality testosterone boosting supplement.

If you already have high natural levels of testosterone this may not be necessary.

If you are someone who has low or average testosterone production a testosterone booster can make a real difference.

We’ve made a guide on the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market, check it out: https://broscience.com/best-testosterone-boosters/

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