What Do Bodybuilders Do Different from Powerlifters To Get Bigger?

Why Exactly Do Bodybuilders Have Bigger Muscles Than Powerlifters?

So, who gets bigger? Is it bodybuilders or powerlifters?

The title of the article gives it away, but if you already knew it was bodybuilders, you’re on the right track! Both types of weight lifters fall within the scope of weight trainers but operate from different mindsets during the training process and incorporate different techniques.

If your goal is to get bigger, bodybuilding would be the best way to do so.

Bodybuilder bigger muscle than powerlifter

Ticking Clock of Tension

Timing is everything, and this statement applies to the amount of time your muscles spend under tension as well. Powerlifters focus on performing a clean lift in a fast an efficient manner.

Bodybuilders take the time to slow things down and focus on form. Building muscle mass is different from building up strength. Keeping your muscles under tension for longer will result in gaining bigger muscle mass.

Do smaller weights for longer periods of time to really benefit from the tension factor.

Something Different

Powerlifters stick to the basics and they admittedly do the basics very well. Body builders will be found exploring a little more turf throughout the gym and can be seen trying out many machines during a basic workout.

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We’re lucky enough to be in a time where scientists and fitness geniuses have spent years and millions of dollars developing different machines that serve different purposes. Using these to your advantage and drilling down your focus to specific core groups of muscles.

Before the access to these types of specific machines, free weights alone couldn’t provide the same benefit. There are too many variables in the angles and forms associated with free weights. Due to the “human factor” not every section of a muscle group was worked evenly.

This has been fine-tuned now!

Trust Your Gut

Structure in a gym routine does indeed lead to success. Trusting your body and listening to the feelings you have over the course of a workout can lead to bigger gains.

Structure your routine from a sense that you have set dates and times for when you go to the gym and have a rough idea of what you will want to incorporate into the workout for that day.

For example, someone who always goes to the gym Monday after work focuses on the thought that they will be going today and want to place a focus on their upper body. Begin your workout but try to tune into your body.

Stop if you feel that you may be pushing yourself too far in a bad way. Being hurt can put a damper on your success and also kill any motivation you’ve built up.

Remember, it is a marathon not a sprint with a rest stop every mile for injury care!

Bodybuilding and powerlifting alike are an art form. Enjoy the benefits of a better mind and a more sculpted body. If you are looking to get bigger, drill down your attention to get more familiar with a body building routine.

Your body will thank you over time and reward you with a greater muscle mass.

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