Why Do You Stop Losing Fat When Dieting?

Why Do You Stop Losing Fat When Dieting?

Allow us to describe a scenario you are likely all familiar with. You go on a diet and at first everything is going well.

You are losing 1 pound per week of fat and your strength hasn’t dropped.

Then all of a sudden the fat loss stops and you can’t figure out why.

You’ve hit the famous fat-loss plateau despite the fact that you have followed your diet perfectly.



Why You Hit a Plateau

At the beginning of your diet, the bigger (fatter) you are, the faster you will lose weight at first.

When your body doesn’t get the calories it is used to it goes to stored fat for fuel.

Over time and depending on how much of a calorie deficit you are consuming, you will begin losing both body fat and muscle tissue.

However, as your body starts to think that it will never go back to getting lots of calories each day like it used to it responds by slowing down the metabolism to hold on to all those spare calories.

The result? The calorie consumption level that used to be a deficit is now simply maintenance calories so your body weight is now stable.

Evaluate Your Diet

While eating the occasional junk food snack might not seem like a big deal these calories definitely add up.

Remember to keep a journal or spreadsheet of everything you eat and drink so you can know exactly how many calories you’ve consumed.

Often people underestimate their calorie consumption which is why they can’t lose weight.

One way to temporarily get past the plateau is to reduce your calories a bit more.

Try reducing by another 250 calories and see if that keeps the weight loss going.

You should also look at the composition of your diet – look for areas of your diet with unnecessary calories such as fancy starbucks coffees and snack foods and replace them with healthier foods like cottage cheese and oats (or not at all).

Make sure your daily calorie consumption does not go under 1,500 however otherwise you will likely not be giving your body the nutrition it needs.

This is the issue most of us are dealing with

Your metabolism is responsible for how many calories you burn throughout the day.

When you lower your calories for a long time your metabolism will naturally drop down.

This means you will be burning less calories throughout the day.

This is a fact.

When your metabolism slows down you won’t lose fat even though you are following a solid diet.

The only way to lose more fat is to get your metabolism higher.

So how is that possible?

That’s when fat burners step in.

A high quality fat burner is designed to supercharge your metabolism.

So your metabolism will be high even though you are following a calorie restricted diet.

This means you will continue to burn off fat even though you are dieting,  because your metabolism will be sky high.

We’ve made a guide on the best fat burners on the market that work the best.

Make sure to check out our guide if you are interested in learning more.

Less Cardio, More Resistance

Instead of doing tons of cardio (which can actually lead to muscle loss) focus on doing resistance training with compound exercises.

This will help fire up your metabolism and hold on to muscle mass so your body is more likely to burn fat.

As for your cardio sessions, skip the hour long endurance runs and replace them with 20 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions as these will burn more fat and increase your metabolism without burning up muscle tissue.

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