"Why CrossFit Is Losing Popularity" Video Has Been Getting A Lot Of Views Lately

“Why CrossFit Is Losing Popularity” Video Has Been Getting A Lot Of Views Lately

Marc Lobliner discusses with Stephen Adele and Greg from Isatori why Crossfit isn’t gaining popularity anymore.

But the real question is, are they right? Do you agree with them? Are they making solid points or are they just insecure bodybuilders that are intimated by how fast Crossfit has grown. Either way it’s an interesting video. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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6 thoughts on ““Why CrossFit Is Losing Popularity” Video Has Been Getting A Lot Of Views Lately”

  1. Avatar

    I don’t agree with them…I am older and love crossfit. Sure we have a group, but the instructor always works on proper form and watches us to make sure we doing every move correctly

  2. Avatar

    Typically I dont waste my time educating ignorant people, but
    1. your form probably wasnt that great not due to a lack of teaching but most likely a lack of flexibility.
    2. you are not “required” to keep getting reps when you are tired, we are taught mechanics,consistency,intensity. to learn movements in that order.
    3. you keep stopping mid thought” thas what the rate of injury….” is not actually that high you can look here ( https://therussells.crossfit.com/2015/06/15/the-truth-hurts-part-1/ ) for yourself.
    4. I learned more in That two day course than i did in an 800 page ISSA training manual and 2 years of college for kinesiolgy.
    5. Dumb down the cert you increase the chance of injury…… prove that? that is a straight opinion. again read the article i posted in point 3
    6. Jazzercise and crossfit have nothing to do with one another. This is again opinion based. Jazzercise is dancing Crossfit is a mix of any measurable physical task to increase competence in more than one metric of fitness.
    7.”im getting all science-e ? ” your whole video was your opinion on what you think about something you have never done.

    My advice is go to a 2 day course watch how much you learn.

    1. Avatar

      “4. I learned more in That two day course than i did in an 800 page ISSA training manual and 2 years of college for kinesiolgy” I HIGHLY doubt that unless you were on drugs and skipping class during your Kinesiology course, which I wonder if you even took since you can’t spell it correctly. He has an excellent point which has bugged me for YEARS. These supposed “personal trainers” at your local gyms get a cert online in a matter of hours and call themselves “personal trainers”. 99% of them are a joke and shouldn’t be doing what they are doing.

      1. Avatar

        Not here to not pick with you, but occasionally words are misspelled. Sort of how you put a period on the outside of your quotations. Unless you meant .99% of trainers are a joke which would mean that 99.01 % are not a joke which too me seems legit. So please keep your opinions of me to yourself. I am stating my first hand experience through College, personal training, and Crossfit experiences.

  3. Avatar

    I don’t do CrossFit however these guys sound like a bunch of big whiny bitches who are butthurt. First they think that if you’re a 40 year old house wife you can’t learn new tricks because their brain must have melted or some dumb crap. Secondly I know a lot of people who do CrossFit and I know maybe two people who have directly been injured doing crossfit and that was when they didn’t listen to their coaches. I know more body builders who have been injured than crossfitters. Thirdly I stopped watching the video because these guys seem to have a lot of sand in their vaginas and I found their incessant crying annoying.

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