Why Bodybuilders Need to Take Vitamin D For Muscle Building Benefits

Why Bodybuilders Need to Take Vitamin D For Muscle Building Benefits

So you are wondering how vitamin d can help bodybuilders?

It seems like every day a new study is being released about how important it is to be taking Vitamin D. Like many nutrients, Vitamin D had a mixed reputation – while people recognized the benefits they were nervous about consuming too much because it is a fat-soluble vitamin.

That means your body can’t easily dispose of surplus amounts like it can for Vitamin C. No need to worry though – as it turns out it’s actually a lot harder for us to overdose on Vitamin D than we originally thought.

As a result, it’s time to start looking at increasing your daily intake. Bodybuilders in particularly need to pay attention to their levels as it’s an easy way to increase your progress in the gym without making any other changes.

If you would like to know more about this wonder-vitamin check out our article below for the benefits you can expect as a bodybuilder.

Also, we’ll dive into some of the sources of Vitamin D which, unfortunately, isn’t contained in nearly as many foods as some of the other popular nutrients for bodybuilders. As a result, many people end up getting their levels higher by taking a supplement.

Why Bodybuilders Need to Take Vitamin D

Why Bodybuilders Need to Take Vitamin D


It Improves your Gym Performance

Vitamin D is obtained naturally from sunlight. Unfortunately, many of us live in parts of the world where spending extended periods of time outside is difficult as a result of the weather.

You can, however, also obtain it from eating fatty fish or supplements, which can be obtained fairly cheaply.

There are tons of studies that have come out over the last few years that show just how bad it is to let your Vitamin D levels drop.

You can experience weaker bones, reduced strength and even lower testosterone levels! Unfortunately most countries haven’t updated their official stance on this wonder-vitamin, still recommending rather low dosages.

One recent study in particular showed that people with low vitamin D levels tend to show less athleticism and higher body fat levels.

It Sheds Unwanted Fat Cells

Most people don’t know but every cell in your body has a certain lifespan. Recent studies into obesity have shown that one way of getting rid of unwanted body fat is to reduce the lifespan of fat cells.

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the lifespan of those cells, which means you will notice an improvement in your body composition.

However, if your Vitamin D levels are low the lifespan of those fat cells will increase which means you will have a more difficult time losing fat.

It Increases Testosterone Production

Want to produce more testosterone?

Well of course you do, after all it improves muscle growth while keeping body fat levels low and keeps energy levels elevated.

Many studies have shown that people who consume high levels of Vitamin D tend to have higher testosterone levels. Similarly, people who are deficient in Vitamin D tend to have lower levels.

Why Bodybuilders Need to Take Vitamin D

It Reduces your Risk of Diabetes

You probably know that diabetes is turning into a bit of an epidemic in the west.

It can lead to nerve damage, heart disease and even vision loss! Every year tons of people are diagnosed with this disease and a lot of the time it’s preventable.

Studies have shown that consuming Vitamin D supplements can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 40%! On the flip side, those who are deficient tend to be at higher risk of getting diabetes.

Sources of Vitamin D

So now that we’ve convinced you just how important Vitamin D is you are probably wondering how you can get more of it.

Well the main source is of course the sun. By standing outside and exposing your skin to UV rays you will be consuming Vitamin D naturally.

Depending on how dark your skin is you might need more time to get optimal levels of the nutrient. People with lighter skin need less time whereas darker skin tones require more time as they have more difficulty absorbing it.

In addition to the sun, you can also get Vitamin D from your diet. Fatty fish like salmon, dairy, and eggs are all some sources of this nutrient. Also, many dairy products are being fortified with Vitamin D as people start to realize just how important it is.

Finally, the best way to make sure your Vitamin D levels are as high as possible year-round is through supplementation.

Many multivitamins contain Vitamin D however you can also go ahead and take a dedicated pill if you feel you need more.

Some people regularly take as much as 10,000 IUs a day and report numerous health benefits.

If you plan on taking heavy doses of any drug you should consult with your doctor ahead of time. You can also find out your current Vitamin D levels through a simple blood test.

This will help you figure out just how deficient you might be and will help you determine how much you should be supplementing.

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