"Caitlyn Jenner Is a Hero For Taking Steroid Hormones, But Bodybuilders Are Douchebags For Doing The Same?"

“Caitlyn Jenner Is a Hero For Taking Steroid Hormones, But Bodybuilders Are Douchebags For Doing The Same?”

David Pulcinella a well known bodybuilder in the business recently made a status on facebook. In this status he asks the questions why bodybuilders are looked down upon as felons if they take steroids to achieve their ideal physique but transsexual individuals that take female hormones to look like women are considered hero’s in the society.

The hate towards huge bodybuilders needs to be put to an end. People should be allowed to look like whatever they desire without being criticised by the society and looked down upon. As one bodybuilder once said:

I don’t bother you so don’t judge me, you can have the clubs and the flashy life, I’ll take the darkness of the gym all day everyday.


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