Who Can Bench 225 lbs more often - Bodybuilder Vs Football Player

Who Can Bench 225 lbs more often – Bodybuilder Vs Football Player

Bodybuilders generally train with heavy weights, aiming to mostly develop upper rep range strength and strength endurance.

The premise behind this is optimal muscular development.

However, bodybuilders are also famous with their levels of maximum strength.

Even bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger mixed the bodybuilding approach with powerlifting.

Arnold deadlift

That is quite smart if you think of it.

Including more maximum strength work (1~5 heavy repetitions until failure), you will ultimately be able to induce more progressive overload, due to your higher levels of strength.

Ultimately, that will make you not only a better powerlifter, but also a better-looking bodybuilder.

Now, football players are well-known for being massive and strong, as weight training is just a part of their whole training routine.

Generally, football players are more complete athletes, as they have a more functional type of approach to their workouts.

They are quick, agile and have high levels of stamina and balance… But perhaps, they are not as strong as bodybuilders.

Check out the video below to see how the bodybuilder Joel Thomas reps out 315 lbs for 33 reps, then decides to lower the weight to 225 and face off NFL prospect Terron Beckham in a 225 lb bench off competition.

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