Which Body Type Are You?

Which Body Type Are You?

When you first get into bodybuilding you probably hear a lot of discussion on the different body types and how they need to train differently. The thing with body types is that it will definitely influence what style of training and what sort of diet you follow. Unfortunately there is a ton of conflicting information out there about which diet you follow, how many days you should train at the gym, which exercises you should perform, etc. Often these different programs are better suited towards some people rather than others.

Before you get started on selecting the best training program, it’s important to know which body type you are so minimize the time wasted on ineffective programs. That’s why we’ve put this article together. Today we’ll explain what the three main body types are, what their strengths and weaknesses are and how you should train if you fall into that category.

The Endomorph

Endomorphs typically have stocky, round physiques. While they definitely put on muscle easily as you can see from their thick arms, legs and chests, they also gain fat faster than most people. These people tend to be very effective at exercises like the squat, deadlift and bench press since they have shorter limbs and larger muscles which reduces the distance they need to move the weight.

Endomorphs have a hard time staying lean because they tend to have lower metabolism. This is unfortunate because, although they have a lot of muscle, it’s not easily visible as it is usually covered by a layer of fat. If you are an endomorph you should try to keep your calorie surplus very low when on a bulk to avoid putting on too much fat. Also, make sure you limit the amount of carbs you are consuming as endomorphs are typically sensitive to those types of calories.

The great thing about being an endomorph is that you will put on muscle very quickly – something that your ectomorph buddies will definitely be jealous of. The tricky part is getting rid of the fat. This is where a fat burning supplement can help you a lot. These products contain ingredients that help reduce your hunger levels, boost energy and increase metabolism. In other words, they help mitigate all the areas the endomorphs generally struggle with. Click here to check out our fat burner page for more information on the best fat burning supplements out there.

The Ectomorph

Ectomorphs are your typical skinny guys that can eat like a horse but never put on a pound. They tend to have longer limbs with lean bone structures. The chest, shoulders and arms are all relatively lean and they have a hard time putting on muscle. One of the big advantages that ectomorphs have is that they can keep the fat off, so the real challenge becomes putting on muscle mass.

The reason ectomorphs typically have a hard time putting on mass is that they have very fast metabolism. That means no matter how much they eat, their bodies will burn the calories quickly for energy. If you are an ectomorph be prepared to eat a lot, far more than you are used to. If you struggle to hit your daily calorie target opt for more shakes. Liquid calories are actually way easier to consume than whole foods. Also, limit the amount of cardio you are doing as it will only make it harder to hit your daily calorie target. In terms of workouts, focus on doing compound exercises for low to mid reps.

Ectomorphs would benefit from increasing their testosterone levels so that they can build more mass. A high quality testosterone booster will help their bodies build more muscle mass and recover more effectively from their workouts. Remember that ectomorphs generally have smaller frames and therefore need longer to recover from a tough workout. Click here to check out our dedicated testosterone booster page for more information on the top product picks.

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The Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are generally regarded as being the best physique for bodybuilding. They have larger bones and muscle bellies which means they can handle intense workouts more effectively. Mesomorphs have no problem gaining or losing weight, and are overall naturally athletic. They tend to have wider shoulders and solid muscle definition.

Mesomorphs tend to make rapid gains particularly when they are first starting out. However, they do not gain muscle as quickly as endomorphs and are generally not quite as strong. Also, they put on fat a lot more easily than ectomorphs, so they still need to leave time to cut. If you are a mesomorph you definitely have to keep a close eye on your calorie consumption when you are both cutting or bulking.

Stick to a moderate calorie surplus and try to gain mass at a rate of 0.5-1 pound per week when you are starting out. In terms of supplements, a fat burner or a testosterone booster can benefit you depending on if you are cutting or bulking. Overall mesomorphs should aim to have a balanced diet and training program.

Most People Are a Combination

Most people don’t fit entirely into one category. For example, some guys might have the frame of an ectomorph (small bones, long limbs) but have an easy time putting on mass. Therefore, it’s important to determine where you fit in. Just because you are an ectomorph doesn’t mean you should be eating tons of calories if you are someone who puts on fat easily. Since you know your body better than anyone else, figure out exactly where you fit in (for example, 50% meso, 50% ecto) and adjust your program accordingly.

One final note – just because you might not have the ideal body type for lifting doesn’t mean you should give up. At the end of the day it’s the people who put in the most work in the gym and in the kitchen that will end up with the best physique. Make it your goal to improve your own physique and make the most of what you have.

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