This Is When Your Body Burns Muscle For Energy

This Is When Your Body Burns Muscle For Energy

Everyone is afraid of the dreaded c word – catabolic.

When your body needs fuel and it has nothing else available it starts to break down that muscle tissue that you worked so hard to build.

Now, this isn’t a normal function for your body – it only resorts to burning muscle mass when absolutely necessary.

The main reason?

Not consuming enough calories.


Your Body Needs Fuel

Your body needs fuel each day to perform basic functions such as walking, breathing, rebuilding muscle tissue and even thinking!

The first place your body goes for energy is carbs that you consumed through your diet.

While your body can also get energy from protein or fat, carbs are easier to convert to energy and can be used more effectively in certain parts of the body.

Basic Metabolic Rate

After eating your body takes the nutrients and converts them into glucose.

This glucose then travels around your body and is used as energy.

If you have more glucose in your body than you need as energy your body will store the extra glycogen as muscle mass or fat.

However, if your body needs energy and you aren’t supplying it with glycogen your body will break down muscle tissue in order to obtain that glucose.

Muscle Tissue Breakdown or “Going Catabolic”

Muscle tissue is composed mostly of amino acids which form the building blocks of protein.

Typically, your body does not get energy from protein.

However, if your body is not getting the nutrients it needs from your diet then it will break down muscle tissue to release those amino acids.

These acids are then converted to glucose so it can be used as energy.

When this happens, you are essentially losing muscle mass.

What Causes Muscle Breakdown?

What causes your body to start breaking down muscle tissue?

While there are extreme conditions such as chronic illness or eating disorders, typically muscle breakdown is caused by insufficient calorie consumption.

While your body will reduce its metabolic rate over time if it notices it’s constantly getting less calories, in the short term your body will look to make up the difference by breaking down muscle.

Most Important Factor for Keeping Muscle

You know the single one most important reason why men lose muscle?

Yes you are right, it’s because of a calorie deficit but that’s not the only thing.

Now let me explain.

Muscle growth is dependant on testosterone.

Without testosterone in your body you simply won’t be able to build muscle.

High testosterone levels will also make it way easier to maintain the muscle mass you already have.

Scientific studies have shown that men who have naturally raised their testosterone levels can gain mass without training.

You are probably thinking right now “How can I raise testosterone?”

It’s a good question.

One of the best way is to use well researched ingredients that work in raising natural testosterone levels.

A few testosterone boosting supplements on the market contain these ingredients.

See our complete guide on the best testosterone boosting ingredients and supplements available.


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