When Bodybuilders STOPPED Taking Steroids and Lost Gains

When Bodybuilders STOPPED Taking Steroids and Lost Gains

Bodybuilding and fitness nowadays has turned more into an obsession and a desire for short-term gratification.

Instead of respecting their bodies and looking at long-term health and wellbeing, trainees tend to abuse their bodies.

Experts say that more than 20 MILLION people worldwide use steroids.

Just a small percentage of those people do so correctly, while the other 90% put themselves at risks.

For the most part, that is due to the lack of proper regulation and education about the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Most countries have banned their use outside of medical institutions, which is why people tend to buy them illegally.

Illegal production simply means lower, suspicious quality, which can easily create health issues.

Well, maintaining good shape and health is not just about using performance enhancing drugs.

The use of PED should only be a compliment to your PERFECT nutrition, training and sleeping regimen, not the main part.

But even if you have those in check, just like the professional bodybuilders you’re about to see, it all comes at a price…

Check out the video below to see 3 bodybuilders who lost almost all of their gains, after they stopped taking steroids!


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