When Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Outside - Public Reactions

When Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Outside – Public Reactions

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest bodybuilders in history, in his competitive career Arnold won Mr. Olympia seven times.

Even though Arnold was competing in the ’70s his physique is till this day celebrated as one of the most aesthetical physiques of all time.

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Bodybuilding has changed significantly since Arnold was competing in the ’70s, now the competitors have more mass but they don’t have that aesthetically pleasing physique like the 70’s bodybuilders.

When Arnold was competing bodybuilding wasn’t popular, Arnold is responsible for putting interest in bodybuilding.

He was featured in the bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron and after his competing days, he became a worldwide movie star.

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Back then when Arnold was competing there weren’t as many bodybuilders as there are today, it was a rare occasion to see someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger walking outside with his shirt off.

At the time Arnold was also the best and most impressive bodybuilder in the world.

Because Arnold was so popular back in the day he was filmed a lot even though not everyone had a camera back in the day.

Now everyone has a phone and can record everything in high definition but back then not everyone had a camera that you could record on.

Even though there weren’t many cameras around there is still great content available on Arnold from his bodybuilding days.

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Arnold trained in Golds Gym in Venice Beach, where many of the competing bodybuilders at that time trained to get ready for the contest.

Arnold used to train a lot, he did a lot of volume in his workouts, after his workouts he sometimes went to the beach showcasing to the public his amazing physique.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Outside Public Reactions (video)

Watch the video below where Arnold goes outside and see how people are shockingly impressed by his massive physique.

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