What You Need To Do To Burn Off 1lb of Fat

What You Need To Do To Burn Off 1lb of Fat

Science (the real kind, not our kind) has confirmed that 1 pound of fat contains 3,500 calories.

However, if you think that all it takes to burn a pound of fat is to burn off 3,500 calories – you’re wrong.

Your body composition plays a huge role in just how fast you burn fat.

Take for example a man who is 60 pounds overweight.

If he were to consume 3,500 fewer calories per week than they burn he’d probably lose over three pounds most of which would be a combination of fat and water weight.

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On the other hand, a guy who is only 5 pounds overweight might only lose half a pound on the same deficit and some of that would be lost muscle mass.

What You Need To Do To Burn Off 1lb of Fat

The Impact of Body Composition on Fat Loss

One of the biggest factors that determine the results of a cut is your current body composition.

In simple terms, the fatter you are the faster you will lose weight that is mostly fat.

On the other hand, as you get closer to single-digit bodyfat your body starts to hold on to those last few pounds of fat desperately, making it difficult to get those abs to finally come out.

Another factor is just how much of a deficit you aim for.

The larger the deficit, the higher the likelihood of your body burning muscle instead of just fat.

This why it’s important to do resistance training and HIIT cardio.

HIIT will help boost your metabolism which means more calories burned without having to starve yourself.

Resistance training helps you hold on to the muscle you have already built, thereby encouraging your body to burn fat instead of muscle.

Diet also plays a huge role.

Bodybuilder who are on a cut actually INCREASE their protein consumption compared to when they are bulking.

This is because protein is very filling and hard for your body to break down – which boosts your metabolism since your body has to work harder.

This is very important because if we don’t work to keep our metabolism high, it will naturally slow down and adjust to the new daily calorie consumption level.

It’s your body’s way of making sure you don’t starve to death – even though food is plentiful and you are just trying to get ready for beach season.

Your body doesn’t know the difference.

Using a Fat Burner to Speed-Up your Cut

One of the great things about fat burners is that they help counteract the main causes of failed diets.

First, they use ingredients that naturally increase metabolism, which helps counteract the natural slowdown that occurs during a calorie deficit.

Second, they reduce your appetite so you are less likely to binge-eat junk food (something we are all guilty of) or just overeat in general.

Finally, they contain stimulants that boost your energy levels.

This is important because people generally feel less energetic when on a calorie deficit, which impacts their work, studies and of course their workouts.

The energy boost you get from a fat burner will help offset that sluggishness and get you through those tough resistance training routines – crucial for retaining muscle mass.


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