What To Say If People Ask You : "Do You Use Steroids ?"

What To Say If People Ask You : “Do You Use Steroids ?”

If you have been training seriously for a few years and got results most people dream of, there will always be some people who must hate on you. The most common question a bodybuilder with a good developed physique gets asked is ” Are you on steroids son?” So what is the best answer to that question? Our friends from reddit gave use suggestion on how to answer that boring question in a hilarious way.


  • This is equivalent to being so good in a videogame that you get called out for cheating/hacks. The ultimate compliment
  • I’m paraphrasing and stealing this from Joe Rogan, but I like what he had to say about it: “Imagine if there were a pill, that had zero negative side effects whatsoever, and taking it made you stronger, faster, leaner, sexier, and healthier. Would you take it? Well, I have such a ‘pill’: it’s called ‘years of ass-busting hard work.'” Or something to that effect; you get the idea.
  • You tell them: “Yes, I’m on drugs. This wonderful drug called LIFE.“And then you laugh gloriously, jump out the window, and hop on your spottin’ bros shoulders as y’all squat jump through the clouds and over the rainbows. A single tear will be shed by your father who’ll whisper to himself, “that’s my boy,” as your mother wraps her arm around her husband with a warm smile watching you disappear over the horizon.
  • I was helping my mom do some handy work at her company. I overhead two girls that worked for her say I must take steroids thinking I wouldn’t hear since I was listening to music. I turned and said that I have been exercising and eating healthy for 7 years and they should join me if they want to get healthy. It did not go well. So now I just let it slide.
  • “Come with me if you want to lift.”
  • Well, you expressed “get off your lazy asses and stop judging people who actually put effort into their bodies, you fat pieces of lard” in a pretty well-mannered way, if you ask me. Don’t know what their problem could’ve been.
  • In a world where overweight/obese has become the accepted norm, people who are at near optimal levels of fitness stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t worry about it.
  • This, most people are not used to seeing people that are fit or healthy – they think you must be on something to achieve it – or perhaps this is a scapegoat to help them justify being unhealthy. Just ignore them op.
  • I used to say “I am this big now, can you imaging how big i would be if i took steroids”
  • I tell them yes I am on steroids. I take 5000 iu of vitamin D3 every day. Then laugh when they say “that’s not a steroid!” and walk away.
  • I’d take it as a compliment. Fu*k what people think, they’re just trying to justify their pathetic little half arsed effort gains by believing that you can’t get to the kind of level you’re on without ‘cheating’. You know you don’t juice, no one else is of any concern.
  • Dude, I get that too. My answer is always “if I were on steroids, I wouldn’t be this small, trust me.” The half way self deprecating answer always seems to work.

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