What Have You Noticed With Girls After You Got In Good Shape?

What Have You Noticed With Girls After You Got In Good Shape?

Many of us have gone through an incredible transformation both physically and mentally but has anything changed when it comes to girls? Of course life will be easier for you when you are a stronger version of yourself and here we have a few bro’s who tell us about their experience after getting some serious gains.

arnold girls

  • My standards for girls bodies have gone up, while I haven’t made huge progress yet.
  • My girlfriend gets jealous a lot more. Every girl is trying their damnedest to get in with my gains according to her. She doesn’t seem to realize just because I’m bigger, my face and personality is still rekt. No way to toss in some face reps at the gym.
  • I’m a month into my first serious cut and am looking better than I’ve ever looked before.After uploading a new progress pic today, I get my ex that left me a couple months back, text me telling me how much she misses me and man oh man, it feels great.
  • The “falling into you and grabbing your arm move” Bitch I’m onto you
  • That you still need to be able to talk to them
  • I think every guy, at one point or another, has gone through some sort of self-improvement process like bodybuilding, only to make progress and suddenly be confused as to why women are not flocking to his dick like moths to a flame. The idea that the best looking dudes (often perpetuated by TRP/beta kind of guys) have women come up to them and simply offer up companionship is completely false. In the end, you’re almost always going to be the one that makes the move on her; life isn’t a fu*king movie.Women are much more likely to be comfortable around me, grab my arm, laugh at my horrible jokes, etc. since I started lifting, but in the end the onus is always on me to ask for a phone number or a name. Only confidence can overcome social cluelessness.
  • I used to be a total ghost in high school. I had no friends, nobody talked to me nor even looked at me. When I started lifting, improving my posture, dressing better, I started noticing people staring at me (not just girls).You have no idea the number of times I fucked up with different chicks because I didn’t realize they were hitting on me. Every time it happened to me, I would just tell myself “Nah there’s no way this girl is interested”.Nowadays, I have to say that my confidence did go up but it’s definitely not where I wish it was. I still don’t have the balls to just approach a girl out of the blue and ask her out.Sigh, maybe one day…
  • I’ve found that my odds are better when I talk to random girls during the day than at clubs/bars or friends of friends in general. When you realize that talking to women is not a big deal the world opens up and women exist everywhere. Why would you limit yourself to just friends of your friends or bars and clubs. Women are everywhere and generally speaking, women like to be approached by men. I’ve had girls tell me that they felt so wanted when I randomly approached them on the street. It makes their day knowing that a random man thought they were cute and wanted to get to know them better. Women are very welcoming. I’m not saying its easy because I’ve had my share of anxiety. For years I told myself, “Some other time when I’m more confident”. Confidence never came on its own until I practiced. I’m a big fan of rejection therapy and I would recommend it if you’re afraid of talking to women or think its weird to socialize with strangers. Everything is weird when you look at things from outside the window. Get inside and realize that its really not. Go in with the goal of getting rejected instead of getting a number. “Hey your shirt is really cool. Lets go on a date”. Simple, easy and believe it or not just with that simple line alone I’ve gotten phone numbers like you wouldnt believe. I expected rejection 100% of the time with that line and sure I got a lot of rejections, but out of every 5 – 8 women or so I got a few yes’s.The best part I feel, as I was learning is that I actually enjoyed getting rejected. It became addicting even. It was fun to get rejected and I sought after it. When I got yes’s and sure’s those were just benefits of my hard work in actually attempting to become better with girls.I’ll be 100% brutally honest with you. If you wait and wait to one day be sexy enough and be comfortable with yourself, you’ll never get good with women. You get good by practicing and even suffering through it if you want to call it that. You can make it fun if you want to, but even if you dont I still recommend that you tough through it. It will be awkward and uncomfortable, but you’ll live and it will change your perspective.

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