What has Bodybuilding done for You Lately?

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The sport of bodybuilding and its culture will always take the back burner to other more popular sports such as soccer, football, baseball or any other mainstream sport you can think of. It is a completely misunderstood sport and followed by only its truest of fans.

Some will even go as far as saying the sport itself is dying making way for more appealing events within the fitness industry such as physique competitions because it is a more attainable or pleasing look.

As much as I am all for people getting involved in the fitness industry, regardless of their motivation, I still whole heartedly believe that at the core of the fitness industry is bodybuilding and in my opinion there is no greater sport out there than it.

Here are 5 reasons to support my claim.


Bodybuilding is just that; building your body and transforming your physique into something you can be proud of.

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It is also a medium for building self-esteem, self-worth and learning the benefits of consistency, persistence and dedication.

Along with these attributes, bodybuilding will provide for you an opportunity to maintain optimal health, teach you the fundamentals of sound nutrition, build a strong and lean physique and continually give you something to strive towards.

Finally, bodybuilding will give you structure in your life.

Far too many times when people have idle time on their hands, things go off course.

Sticking to the structured lifestyle that bodybuilding requires will keep you on the straight and narrow and help remove any opportunities for self-deprecation that may occur.

You will look Different

Who wants to look like everyone else?

Not me, that’s for sure and bodybuilding gives you that chance to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Unless you enjoy being one of the lemmings wandering around aimlessly until you find that cliff that everyone in front of you is jumping off of, you’ll use bodybuilding to your advantage to separate yourself from the masses.

Chances are once you have obtained a physique worthy of notice from others, they’ll still think you’re a football player or wrestler but it doesn’t even matter because at the very least you stood out.

For me there are three body parts that help distinguish us from the crowd; traps, shoulders and a wide back.

Once those are developed it doesn’t matter if you are in a polo shirt or a tank top, you will stand out.


Someday your team sports will End

And when this happens you’ll still have the gym.

You won’t need to rely upon teammates anymore; you won’t have to deal with overzealous referees, weather will never be a factor in your performance and the only person you have to rely upon for the satisfaction of victory is yourself.

When you grow up, life gets busy, responsibilities pile up and your time becomes precious.

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Being able to dedicate yourself to practices, a regular season worth of game times with the possibility of playoffs and then tournaments every other weekend will become damn near impossible.

This is why you will make the very important decision to still be active, but be it in the gym.

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If you are used to a regimented daily program by way of the sport you played since you were a kid, no fear; bodybuilding will give that to you but on your own terms.

The Education never Ends

This is my favorite part of the sport; the never ending learning curve that is all encompassing in the world of bodybuilding.

Just when you think you have things figured out, you don’t. Try to use the same game plan you used for a previous competition and watch things fall apart.

As you progress as a bodybuilder, your body changes, your body’s chemistry changes and injuries occur that force you to figure out a way to work around them.

We are constantly learning new things about nutrition, how our body responds to the training stimulus, the importance of nutrient timing, how and when to supplement accordingly depending upon our goals and a plethora of other variables that need to be in place to be successful.

The learning literally never ends if you want to stay on the cutting edge of this sport. All of this is very exciting to me; I hope the same is true for you and if it is you’re already agreeing with everything I’m saying.


The Camaraderie

Being in the iron fraternity is unlike any other exclusive group that exists.

You only really understand this if you’re in it.

The daily grind you share with others, the excitement of seeing a new vein which only others like you can appreciate, the journey of contest prep, the enjoyment of gorging at an all you can eat buffet after a great workout with your gym buddies, the training partners and the trust you develop with them, the closeness you develop when applying Protan on your bro and the feeling of being backstage at a competition and helping each other out so that you can share in the moment the hours, weeks, months and years of hard work you have all put in for this one quick minute on stage is a feeling that only those who have gone through it can fully understand.

If you haven’t yet experienced this, I strongly suggest that you do.

Here’s the thing; you will always believe that the greatest sport in the world is the sport you have put all of your time and effort into and I can appreciate that. With that said, think about what most people have to do in their sport to get better; work out and essentially that’s bodybuilding.

I love this sport, will promote the sport every chance I get and will preach the benefits of the sport to anyone who will listen.

Bodybuilding is the best sport in the world; at least in my humble opinion. What has it done for you lately?

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