4 Months Of Using A Testosterone Booster This Is What Really Happened

4 Months Of Using A Testosterone Booster This Is What Really Happened

I had heard so much about those testosterone booster supplements.

To be honest I was kinda sceptical about using them.

Until I realized that many of the big guys who I look up to in my gym told be they were using them and they even recommended them.

I decided to give them a shot with no expectations at all.

My name is Samuel, I am going to share with you guys what happened when I tried a testosterone boosting supplement.

The first thing I did was research, I wanted to find the absolute best product out there.

After countless of research I found out that TestoFuel was one of the best choice to try out.

So I went to their website purchased 3 bottles when you purchase 3 bottles you get 1 for free.

Which is a 4 month supply.

They actually tell you that it takes the product about 1 month to work 100%.

You have to take the product 4 times per day and it’s a small red pill easily swallowed.

So this is what happened.


After Using Testofuel for 1 month

What I noticed within days of taking this product were the extremely hard erections.

My girlfriend definitely enjoys them.

As for muscle building I did not see a crazy change even though I improved.

I was about 2 pounds heavier after the first month of using Testofuel.

I got some pretty decent strength gains in my bench press and squat.

Added about 10 pounds to my bench press max, I know its not that impressive but I had been stagnant in the bench press for 3 months.

As for fat loss, I did not see any change.

I was probably the same fat percentage at the start of the month.

So after 1 month of use I:

  • Gained 2 pounds of muscle
  • Got some decent strength gains
  • Same fat as the beginning of the month

Since I knew this product took 1 month to truly work I was actually happy with these results.

Because I was already seeing improvements.

After Using Testofuel For 2 months

What I noticed in the middle of this month was my energy was higher.

I was able to endure longer workouts than usually.

This month was great for muscle building.

I added about 4 pounds of muscle to my physique.

My arms were fuller, rounder and my shoulders were finally growing.

Strength improvements were also alright.

I was lifting heavier weights in almost every exercise.

If I recall right I think my bench press went up 15 pounds this month.

As for fat loss I saw that I had lost a little bit of fat.

But I found it very strange because I was eating like a horse.

So to recap what I noticed after 2 months use of testofuel:

  • Gained 4 pounds of muscle
  • I was stronger in every exercise (added 15 lbs to my bench press)
  • Lost a little bit of fat even though I was eating a lot of food.

After this month I was really happy with the results as you can imagine.

Can you imagine adding 4 pounds of muscle to your physique in 1 month?

So obviously I was excited to see how the 3rd month on testofuel would go.

After Using Testofuel For 3 months

Unfortunately I caught the flu in this month.

I missed some meals and couldn’t train for about a week.

So the results were obviously not as good as they could’ve been.

What I found interesting is that I actually gained 3 pounds of muscle.

My strength levels improvements were decent but not as good as the last month.

I was lifting a little heavier in most exercises but not all.

What surprised me the most was I was finally seeing my abs.

I lost a lot of body fat.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have rippling six pack abs.

But I definitely saw my abs in the mirror in good lighting.

My physique looked a lot bigger and harder.

So to recap what happened in the third month:

  • Gained 3 pounds of muscle
  • Got little strength gains
  • Lost decent amount of body fat

I was thrilled with these results and it got me motivated for the last month of using TestoFuel.

After Using Testofuel for 4 months

This was my favorite month using TestoFuel.

It’s probably because I had made so much gains that I found it more fun lifting in the gym.

This month was perfect training and diet wise.

I ate like a horse (even some cheat meals)

Trained with intensity.

The muscle gains kept coming in, added about 4 pounds of muscle to my body.

Strength gains were out of this world.

Think I added 15 pounds to my max bench press and 20 pounds to my squat.

Lost some decent body fat and my abs were showing quite well.

I almost had rippling six pack abs.

I got my fat percentage measured by a trainer in the first month of trying testofuel.

I was 16% fat in the first month and at the end of the fourth month I was 10% fat.

The funny thing was I was actually not trying to lose weight, my main goal was to build muscle and strength.

So to recap what happened in the 4th month of using testofuel.

  • Gained 4 pounds of muscle
  • Strength was going up fast
  • Lost decent amount of body fat.

This Is What I Learned

TestoFuel is definitely not a magic pill that makes you automatically jacked.

I worked hard in the gym and my diet was pretty good.

But it did definitely make a crazy difference to my physique.

Total I achieved this using TestoFuel for 4 months

  • Added 13 pounds of muscle
  • Gained a lot of strength in the bench press I added 45 pounds to my bench press PR
  • Went from 16% body fat to 10% body fat.

My physique was totally different, I finally looked like I actually lifted when wearing a t-shirt.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to gain muscle to give TestoFuel a shot.

It was definitely a worthwhile investment for me.

I think you can only buy testofuel directly from their website: TestoFuel website

Hopefully you guys will be able to try this supplement out one day.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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