What does your Gym Attire say about You?

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Undoubtedly there have been times when going to the gym you’ve dressed for the occasion.

On leg day perhaps you wore a pair of shorts shorter than normal to display some of your hard earned quad development.

Or maybe on arm day you wore a cut off.

For shoulders and chest you wore a tank top and for back you pulled out the stringer. What you wear to the gym says a lot about your character and your confidence.

It could also be a part of a very strategic plan in the weeks leading up to competition. However you look at it, the clothes you decide to wear to the gym give your presence meaning and significance.

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Check out the following gym fashion groups to see which one(s) you fit in and what that says about you.

what does your gym attire say about you

The barely there crowd

You know them, the ones that flash more skin than fabric.

The homemade cut offs that resemble more of a tattered cloth than clothing.

The almost seemingly bikini clad group making their way to the spin class and the guys wearing spandex shorts so short that with a long t-shirt and weight belt on look like they’re bottomless.

These people exude confidence (whether justly or not) and take every opportunity they have to show us what they’ve got.

Straighten up soldier

Ah yes, the army fatigue wearing, hardcore soldiers of the iron.

Boots laced up so high or left completely undone you’d think they were on their way into combat or just coming back.

Camouflage cargo shorts are the mandatory battledress topped off with the intensity only a marine could possess.

These people mean business, have a target in their sights and will deploy themselves onto the weight room floor upon command.

The Hoody Crew

Never does a day in the gym pass by, regardless of time of year, temperature inside the gym or outside for that matter, do these people train in anything less than a hoody.

At certain times the hood itself could be up, could be down, tight and fitting or loose and baggy or tied around their waist for when they need it next. T

hese people are either very self-conscious, very humble, cold, hiding a phenomenal physique from potential competitors or small in stature and the hoody lends itself to looking like you’re 10-15lbs heavier than what you actually are.

Thin is In

You may have noticed that with the new wave of aesthetics that has penetrated the gyms, along with that a whole new style of wardrobe.

At one time wearing baggies or zubaz pants were in.

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Now it’s the gym version of the skinny jeans.

weat pants and shorts that come to a tight conclusion at the end of its length coupled with tight tanks, tight cut offs and tight cut off hoodies.

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The people wearing these clothes want you to be aware of their aesthetics and have carefully selected their gym attire to compliment that.

The Sponsored Athlete

Who doesn’t want to be a sponsored athlete right?

I mean how awesome would it be to be sponsored by a company that is involved in the very sport you love.

You will never mistake these people for anyone else.

They will be clothed from head to toe in apparel bearing their company’s logo and they will wear it with pride (at least I do).

Topping the look off is a company shaker cup filled with company supplements of course ending with the individual leaving the gym totting their logo filled gym bag.

Getting sponsored is no easy task, and if you’re lucky enough to have it happen, you show your gratitude every time you go to the gym by showing your support in wearing the company’s apparel.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who could care less about what you wear to the gym and only concern yourselves with what you do in the gym.

I’m also sure there are many of you out there who look at going to the gym as a social outing and representing your image as best as you can is a top priority.

However you approach your gym attire, and whatever it is you wear, make sure it doesn’t restrict you from doing what you should be there to do in the first place; and that’s train!

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