Here's What Different Body fat %'s ACTUALLY Look Like

Here’s What Different Body fat %’s ACTUALLY Look Like

Bodybuilders, Crossfitters, Olympic lifters, Power lifters… we’re all united under the umbrella of fitness in one way or another. However bodybuilders are a special breed, unlike the others which are primarily performance based, bodybuilding is all about the visual, aesthetic appeal!

One of the main detriments to bodybuilding is dreaded body fat! It’s all about preference and balance here, having to little body fat can be unhealthy and bad for your joints, however having too much body fat acts like a cover, hiding all your hard earned gains!

One of the main problems regarding body fat is that everyone knows about it, but not many know what it actually looks like!

5-9% Body Fat


This is the whole level of shreddedness where hole gates to the shredded heaven in afterlife open… You’re defined, vascular, and look very much like a human anatomy chart.

It is achievable for the average guy? YES. But that’s not to say that its gonna be easy and wont take lots of serious HARD WORK.

To get to this point you will have to make some big sacrifices in life, going without cheat meals, eating low carb, constantly being hungry and immense cravings! It’s not for everyone… But lets be honest, who cares about all the other stuff when you just look like an absolute GOD! haha.

10-15% Body fat


At this %, you’ll have visible abs, good shape, and still have quality vascular with a pump! You’ll be a lot fuller than the category above, looking a lot bigger in a t-shirt, however you wont have the stringy, striated level of shredz…

To get like this it will still take a lot of hard work! However at this % you’ll be able to enjoy cheat meals, eat a bit more food, and satisfy those cravings! You can be a lot more flexible and enjoy life alot more, having to make far less sacrifices than the elite level 5-9% body fat category!

16-20% Body fat


At this point you’ll still have good shape, big chest, broad shoulders and wide back, however it’s unlikely that you’ll still have visible abs and you’ll be lacking any striations! You’re not in the worst shape, and by no means have a “dad-bod”, but you’re far from the sit, shredded physique so many people dream of!

To be like this you still need to train hard, and this will be made easier by all the fuel your body is getting… to mention that… You’ll be able to eat near enough anything you want, have a beer with the lads on a weekend, and still make progress in this category!


While for many, the super shredded, striated, “anatomy chart”-like physique is the goal for many, it’s not for everyone! Yes, you look amazing, but there’s a lot more to life than just looking good… such as feeling good, being able to go out with your kids for ice cream or take your wife/girlfriend out on a date to your favourite restaurant…

Life’s not just about being shredded… The gym is there to enhance your life, not take away from it. It’s all about balance.

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