What Arnold Said when He Saw Ronnie Coleman for the First Time

What Arnold Said when He Saw Ronnie Coleman for the First Time

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the transition from old-school aesthetic bodybuilding, to new-era mass monsters.

This transition took place in the late 20th century, right about a decade after Arnold Schwarzenegger retired.

arnold schwarzenegger son

Well, fortunately enough, more and more people start to realize that there’s literally a deficit of old-school aesthetics!

Including Arnold’s son, who you can see on the picture above. How’s that for a breath of fresh air?

The Austrian Oak himself has brought up the matter more than once.

Needless to say, he remains true to the golden era and never really digged the mass-monster look.

Ronnie coleman

arnold vs ronnie

If by any chance you don’t know Ronnie Coleman, he is an American professional bodybuilder.

Coleman has won the Mr. Olympia contest 8 times in a row and also holds the record for the most professional IFBB wins, topping at a number of 26!

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see what it’s about.

The golden era king of aesthetics Arnold pretty much smokes the king of the mass-monster era.

While Arnold is not 100% shredded, peeled and vascular like Ronnie is, you can notice the substantial difference in muscle roundness, proportions and overall flow.

Even though Arnie had a massive waist, he also had wide lats, which made his big waist look tiny.

On top of that, he had no issues with the bubble gut and furthermore, he even had a stomach vacuum, which accounted for that aesthetic look.

It is true that Ronnie had a solid 30-40 pounds more than the Austrian Oak, but he was nowhere near the impresiveness of the one and only- Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But Ronnie Coleman was not always a mass monster.

Ronnie coleman beforeIf you look at Ronnie’s pre-mass monster era physique, you have nothing bad to say about it!

His waist was small, his legs were well-defined and rock-solid and overall, he had the aesthetic proportions, without anything too freaky.

Years after Ronnie’s reign on the Olympia stage, this is one of the things Arnold said about him:

“Ronnie was always breaking through from where we were in size and all of a sudden he became kind of a whole new dimension. You know, there were just lumps and mass all over him. I remember that him and I talked right before he stepped on stage and I remember, it just took me some time to look from the left shoulder to the right shoulder.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Check out the full video below to see Arnold and Ronnie speak for themselves!

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