Weird Bro Bodybuilding Tricks That Work

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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When you are consistently working towards your dream physique or goal whatever it might be there are always jacked bro’s in the gym willing to give rock solid pointers. Here we have found the best bro tips that are actually good and work (at least for some bro’s).


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rich piana bodybuilder

  • I masturbate before heavy workouts , it raises your testosterone levels just similar as you were actually taking steroids or test boosters.
  • A spiritual buddy of my father recommended this. Before every workout I cut a very small piece out of my hair just to remember the sacrifice I’m making to be in the gym, I almost always get a great workout doing that so I guess it’s working.
  • I went on a holiday last summer and I had been training for months to look my absolute best, needless to say I was the most shredded guy on the trip and girls were all over my physique(if you know what I mean)Before workouts I sometimes look at photos taken at that trip and that gives me motivation to push myself harder in the gym.
  • When counting reps say for 10 always count 1…2…3…4…5 then on the last half 5…4…3…2…1 Last five reps are so much easier. Its science.
  • I like to workout after a night of heavy drinking. Maybe not early the next morning but mid afternoon. I’ve hit more PRs slightly hungover than sober. I think it’s because I am confident from the booze.
  • Heavy squats put the fear of God in me. So when I finally get in position under the bar, I’m not allowed to leave without doing the squats. It’s a personal rule that I have to stick to. Saves any arsing about.
  • Freezing cold showers to get you hyped. If you are too tired to work out, just take a really cold shower, you will feel like lifting after. It’s supposed to help depression too and although I’m not depressed, I definitely do see it providing mental benefits.
  • I start every workout with some sort of a bicep exercise no matter what body part I am training, It really boosts my confidence to have pumped biceps at all times and I feel like I get a better workout.
  • i chew gum when i workout. I used to get bad case of sticky mouth when super-setting and doing high intensity workouts. Now i just chew gum and it keeps me salivating. I don’t get that dry, hot mouth when I’m fatigued.
  • When doing reps to failure I always mentally shoot for a number that is much higher than I am realistically likely to accomplish. For instance, if the previous week I just managed to squeeze out 6 reps to failure at a given weight, I will say to myself this week, “ok 11 reps, LETS GO, you got this easily!”Once my mind is truly convinced of the higher rep range, it completely eliminates any mental barriers holding me back; this way the failure is purely physical and I am able to push myself to my true potential.



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