Weider Prime Testosterone Review – Does It ACTUALLY Work?

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Weider prime testosterone booster

Weider Prime did not make it to the top 10 list of testosterone boosters; See complete list here


  • No proprietary blend
  • Good dose of Ashwagandha and Zinc
  • Doesn’t have the full ZMA blend
  • Missing many key ingredients
  • Low dosed compared to the top brands

In this Weider Prime Testosterone review, we will cover everything you need to know about this testosterone booster.

Testosterone boosters are mainly created to help the male body produce more of those manly hormones for a variety of everyday functions, but mostly for strength, vigor, and some libido boost.

However, the industry has since moved from plain, testosterone-boosting to cover other areas of male enhancement. 

That is what the people behind Weider Prime want to do with their best testosterone boosting supplement Weider Prime Testosterone. 

Among the claims made by Weider Prime Testosterone, other than the usual “be a better man” claims, the supplement also promotes itself as a fat burner and muscle growth enhancer. 

Those claims aren’t unique at all, but it’s always good to know that a testosterone product isn’t just going to get your hormones up and leave you hanging after. 

Can Weider Prime Testosterone keep up with some of the industry’s best testosterone boosters, or will its formula be overshadowed by those much greater and bigger?

Read our Weider Prime Testosterone review to find out. 

About Weider Prime Testosterone

The manufacturers of Weider Prime Testosterone describe the testosterone supplement as a testosterone booster that can give you the energy, strength, and boost you need to get back to your prime. They also say not to worry about “negative” ingredients. Their reason? Their product is always gluten-free.

That is one weird claim and reason, but we’ll roll with it. 

The most noticeable claim for us is how they keep insisting that Weider Prime Testosterone is only meant to keep testosterone levels within range. Yeah, no spikes, no 200% boost, just within normal range. 

Don’t get us wrong; we think maintaining a “normal” range of should be the minimum for any testosterone boosters. However, do they mean Weider Prime Testosterone only works for those who have low testosterone? What if your testosterone levels are normal to begin with? 

So many questions, so hopefully we’ll get to answer them as we analyze their ingredients. Here are some of the other stuff we noticed:

  • Just four key ingredients: It’s ten when you count the vitamins and minerals. 
  • Formula transparency: We like how we see the corresponding dosage for each ingredient. This makes it easier for us to objectively review the product. 
  • Poorly done website: This may seem like nitpicking, but it’s 2020 already. If your website game is bad, don’t expect visitors to feel safe putting their credit card number on your site to buy a bottle of whatever it is you’re peddling.

Weider Prime Testosterone: nutrition label

Other Ingredients: Gelatine Capsule (bovine), silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate

Directions: 2 capsules with a meal, in the morning or evening.

Weider Prime Testosterone: ingredients list

weider prime testosterone review

Let’s see how many of the best testosterone boosting ingredients Weider Prime contains:

  • X symbolD-Aspartic Acid
  • Check mark symbolZinc
  • Check mark symbolVitamin B6
  • Check mark symbolVitamin D-3
  • X symbolMagnesium
  • X symbolFenugreek
  • Check mark symbolAshwagandha
  • X symbolBoron
  • X symbolVitamin K-1
  • X symbolGinseng

Weider Prime contains 4 out of the 10 top ingredients

See the top 10 brands who contain the top ingredients here.

Here are the notable ingredients in Weider Prime Testosterone:

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha® (Ashwagandha): This is one of the best if not the best adaptogen in the industry. Adaptogens are plants or plant compounds concentrated and taken as a means to reduce (or even prevent) stress. Their primary purpose is to help keep users calm and have a positive mindset, but in the case of a testosterone booster like Weider Prime Testosterone, adaptogens are meant to lower cortisol levels.

    In a way, cortisol is the enemy of testosterone. Cortisol levels spike as testosterone levels go down. So, if you’re always stressed or have a hard time keeping your mindset cool and calm, you will likely suffer from constantly low levels of testosterone.

    Taking adaptogens can help re-balance your testosterone and cortisol ratio to optimal levels.

    “The findings from this study demonstrated that 8 weeks of supplementation with an ashwagandha extract was associated with significant improvements in salivary DHEA-S and testosterone”

  • Cordyceps: This is actually a fungus found on moth larvae. Yes, it’s actually that gross, but it does have testosterone benefits, and that is all that matters. What it mainly does is improve testosterone levels while also keeping your estrogen levels in check. So basically, another ingredient that keeps your hormones balanced. 
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM): This compound is found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. DIM is popular for testosterone supplements because some studies support its anti-aromatase properties.

    Aromatase is an enzyme that turns our precious testosterone into stuff that isn’t precious testosterone.

    Sounds good so far, but the problem is DIM is mainly used for women’s estrogen health, the “female” counterpart to testosterone. 

  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D is the very vitamin the body converts from exposure to sunlight. Yes, we can produce our vitamins. The problem is, what if you don’t get enough sunlight? What if you’re always stuck with a roof above your head, trapped inside a cubicle, and you never really see the sun come up or even go down unless you willed yourself during the weekends?

    This is where vitamin D supplementation comes in. Vitamin D in itself has a lot of benefits, but many experts link vitamin D deficiency with low testosterone. The form we have here is D3, which is the exact form the body makes when it gets exposed to sunlight.

    “Compared to baseline values, a significant increase in total testosterone levels, bioactive testosterone, and free testosterone levels were observed in the vitamin D supplemented group. By contrast, there was no significant change in any testosterone measure in the placebo group. Our results suggest that vitamin D supplementation might increase testosterone levels.”

  • B-Vitamins: These are your typical energy vitamins meant to help with fat burning. They also have some testosterone benefits, but those aren’t as loud as their benefits for energy. Regardless, we appreciate the forms we have because methylcobalamin and pyridoxine hydrochloride are topnotch forms meant for enhanced bioavailability. 
  • Zinc: Zinc is what many refer to as a man’s mineral. Zinc is the reason why oysters are known to improve male fertility and libido. Zinc also happens to be concentrated on our testes and is responsible for triggering testosterone synthesis. Taking Zinc has also been cited to improve symptoms of hypogonadism or a condition where your body is not producing enough testosterone.

    “Adequate Zn content of seminal plasma is needed for men’s health, germination, normal sperm function and fertilization…Based on these findings, Zn microelement is very essential for male fertility. It could be considered as a nutrient marker with many potentials in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of male infertility.”

  • Chromium: Chromium is a mineral known to keep you feeling full and away from midnight snacking. So, it’s really here as an appetite suppressant. The 200 mcg is a minimal dose, but it still works.
  • Piperine as BioPerine: This here is the best of the best when it comes to absorption boosters. Plenty of studies note the bioavailability benefits of taking black pepper with other herbs and extracts, so a group of people decided to concentrate it as BioPerine.

    “Piperine was found to increase the bioavailability of different drugs ranging from 30% to 200%. Subsequent research has shown that it increases curcumin bioavailability by almost ten-fold.”

    Really handy for formulas that only have the bare minimum dosages as BioPerine makes each ingredient be better absorbed.

Weider Prime Testosterone: formula analysis

So far in our Weider Prime Testosterone review, we’re a bit on the fence with what to think of Weider Prime Testosterone. 

On one hand, we like how it has decent dosages of important ingredients that can balance testosterone with other hormones. The brands they used, the potent forms, and the synergy of it all proves that Weider Prime Testosterone wasn’t just a product made as a quick way to get some cash. We also appreciate how the entire formula isn’t just one big “sexy” booster, as other testosterone boosters are prone to focus on. 

On the other, we don’t like how it’s missing some of the really good ingredients that directly spike testosterone. There’s no Tongkat ali, Boron, D-Aspartic-Acid, or even Mucuna pruriens. It does have Zinc and to an extent, a premium form of ashwagandha, but they’re not nearly as impactful to testosterone than the ones previously mentioned.

Overall, we think Weider Prime Testosterone is a good supplement to use in conjunction with another testosterone booster. It does a decent job at giving you hormonal balance, but many testosterone supplement users look for that extra “oomph” and not just something that can keep their testosterone levels in the middle.

So, does Weider Prime Testosterone work?

As far as this review is concerned, we think Weider Prime Testosterone is a legit testosterone booster. Even if it’s not as potent or as aggressive compared to other testosterone boosters, it can still help you keep your hormone balance in check. 

Does Weider Prime Testosterone have a lot of caffeine?

Weider Prime Testosterone is not really a pre workout or designed to be taken as a supplement for exercise, so no, it doesn’t have any stimulants to speak of. What it does have are some energy boosters, but they’re not the type that gets you buzzed out of your mind. 

So, is Weider Prime Testosterone any good or just hype?

Based on our Weider Prime Testosterone review, it’s definitely good enough to stand on its own, but we think Weider Prime Testosterone can excel better if paired with the really powerful testosterone ingredients. 

Benefits for muscle

Here’s the thing with Weider Prime Testosterone: It doesn’t directly affect muscle growth nor does it have any ingredients aimed specifically to help with muscle growth. However, what it does have are ingredients that can help keep your testosterone levels up when you need it the most – such as post exercise. 

Will it help you get buff or lean? We’re not sure. Will it help you grow muscles anyway? It should, if the dosages are real.

Who is Weider Prime Testosterone made for?

Weider Prime Testosterone is definitely aimed at men who aren’t really experiencing super low testosterone levels, but for men who want to get more out of their everyday lifestyle. The primary intent of Weider Prime Testosterone is to maintain hormone balance, with the scales tipped a bit towards testosterone. 

Weider Prime Testosterone Review: side effects

We have good reason to believe that Weider Prime Testosterone shouldn’t have any negative or harmful side effects associated with their formula. The ingredients are in their premium forms and the only thing that could be linked to a bad experience is the presence of milk which could trigger symptoms of allergies or lactose intolerance. 

Weider Prime Testosterone Review: pros and cons


  • High quality: We see a lot of branded ingredients and potent forms in their formula.
  • Testosterone balance: The formula is meant to make sure your testosterone is always “on” and not slumping.
  • Simple formula: We appreciate brands that don’t try too hard to prove a point. Keeping it simple is often effective for supplements.
  • Cost-effective: It’s not cheap per se, but it’s definitely priced lower than A LOT of the brands out there.


  • No direct testosterone boost: It’s all about balance and indirect benefits. 
  • Lack of topnotch ingredients: Could have used one or two high ranking testosterone ingredients.

Pricing info

  • 1 bottle (30 servings): $28.99
  • Available online and in retail stores


Based on our Weider Prime Testosterone review, we think the formula it has is decent and good for long-term testosterone health. The synergy of the ingredients, the quality of each form and dose, and the presence of BioPerine all make Weider Prime Testosterone’s formula not something you should sleep on. 

The only real drawbacks we found involve the lack of really powerful testosterone boosters, and how the formula itself is more about keeping testosterone in “normal” levels instead of the direct boosting we often see in popular names.

Regardless, we think Weider Prime Testosterone is good enough for what it can do at the price it’s sold. 

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