We Should Let Arnold Run For President To Save America

We Should Let Arnold Run For President To Save America

[Article via SpotMeBro] Forget about which side of the imaginary line you’re on, does anyone really want another Bush or Clinton in office?

bush-clintonWe do! We do!

Anytime America has been in trouble, there’s been one man that we could count on to save us, and that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether he’s dealing with terrorists in True Lies, the space program in Total Recall, corporate corruption in Hollywood in Last Action Hero, the education system in Kindergarten Cop, internet surveillance and privacy in Terminator, or international crime cartels in Commando, he’s always been the man for the job. And now…

Arnold needs us to spot him.


Being born in Austria makes it impossible for Arnold to ever become Commander in Chief unless those laws are changed, but come to think of it we haven’t seen his birth certificate so he might be a US citizen after all?

Arnold’s gone on the record saying that he would never fight to change America because he loves it too much, which is basically a wink saying that it’s up to us to change those laws so that he can lead us into a brighter tomorrow where everyone on earth is built, whey protein and creatine are mandatory for school lunch programs, and all of the budgets are balanced perfectly like a bar with 6 plates on each side.

“Everything that I have accomplished in my career is because of America,” Arnold says. “Every single thing: my bodybuilding career, my movie career, the political career, my family, everything, the millions and millions of dollars that I have made in my life and everything. All those opportunities are because of America.”


“So, I’m not going to complain about the only job that I can’t do. I think much more about the great things that I could do. Only in America, you could have a career like that.”

If you read between the lines he’s basically saying “Change the law so that I can become President and I will spot the nation.” 

Big thanks to our good friends at SpotMeBro for this article!

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