Ways to Shock your Muscles for more Muscle Growth

Ways to Shock your Muscles for more Muscle Growth

Do you want more muscle growth?

Do you remember the good old days when you first started lifting?

It was so easy to make gains – even the dumbest routine would lead to growth!

Over time as you start to optimize your training routine and make more gains, it gets harder and harder to keep growing.

Most people can make gains a lot more easily when they fix their diet, train in the hypertrophy range, get plenty of sleep and do the right exercises.

However, what about those people who have already made these changes and are now starting to have trouble getting more growth?

Check out the list of tips below for some ways you can shock your system for more muscle growth.

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Ways to Shock your Muscles for more Muscle Growth

Change It Up

Just because you follow a 4 day split doesn’t mean you need to perform the same exercises with the same weight each time.

Try changing things up by swapping the order of the exercises, adding new ones and altering the set/rep scheme.

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This will make it harder for your body to adapt to one training type and therefore encourage it to grow more.

Ways to Shock your Muscles for more Muscle Growth

Forced and Partial Reps

With forced reps, you do as many reps as you can by yourself then get your training partner to help you push out a few more.

This allows you to train past your normal point of failure and give your muscles a nice beating.

You can also have your partner apply extra pressure to the weights to make the lift more difficult in certain parts.

Alternatively you can perform partial reps – this is when you focus on the part of the lift that gives you the most difficulty.

For example, if you are struggling with the 2nd half of pull-ups you can do partial pull-ups starting from the midway point and going all the way up.

Alternatively, perform as many full reps as you can and then do a few more half-reps – this works well with curls and other isolation exercises.

Drop Sets

Drop sets involve doing a particularly exercise to failure (or to a predetermined number of reps) and then dropping the weight, picking up a lighter one and continuing.

This is another way to work past the point of failure and can be done for as many sets as you’d like.

For example, some people will work their way all the way down the dumbbell rack with dumbbell curls.

Machines are great for drop sets because you can simply pull the pin out and put it to a different setting – something you can do easily without a training partner!

Keep in mind that drop sets place a lot of stress on the target muscles so don’t overuse this technique.


This is probably one of the most popular techniques out there and for good reason – they work.

They can help you work your muscles in a way they aren’t used to, not to mention they help boost testosterone levels and you can get your workout done in a shorter period of time.

Supersets involve performing two exercises back to back and work for either compound or isolation exercises.

For example – you can perform a superset with bench press followed by dumbbell flys to target the chest.

Alternatively you can perform skullcrushers followed by close grip bench press to hit the triceps.

Most people like to do two exercises that target the same muscle, but feel free to mix it up and do exercises that hit different muscles – experiment and see what yields the best results.

The possibilities are endless and if you do these with intensity you will see a huge improvement in your physique.

Ways to Shock your Muscles for more Muscle Growth

Check your T-Levels

Some of you guys have been really skeptic that we constantly talk about test boosters. I get that it might be annoying especially if you’ve never actually tried a product like that before. Like, why would you even need it? Right?

Well guys to be honest we would never recommend something that we know wouldn’t benefit you. I hope that one day some of you at least will believe us because we’re in this together and we truly want the best for you and we truly believe that you will feel better once you start taking care of your testosterone levels.

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But anyway, let’s keep going with this article:

One of the most important factors in determining how big you can get and how fast you can get there is your testosterone levels.

This hormone plays a crucial role whether you are looking to get shredded or build mass – so don’t neglect it!

There are a number of ways you can boost your t-levels such as lifting weights (hopefully you are already doing this), getting plenty of sleep and eating a clean diet.

A lot of guys miss out on their true potential because they let their t-levels drop and do nothing about it!

So let’s say you think your testosterone levels are low (or you just want to bring them even higher) – aside from the ideas listed above you can also take a high quality testosterone booster.(see the full report on the best t-boosters here.)

These products use all-natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost t-levels.

When combined with a solid resistance training program and diet you can expect to see a huge improvement in your performance at the gym and as a result some impressive muscle growth.


Training plateaus are frustrating – we’ve all been there.

Once you start following a solid resistance training program and diet you really need to be creative to shock those muscles (remember, they don’t like to grow – your biceps are happy being 16” even if you want 19”).

With the techniques listed above you will have some nice new weapons to add to your arsenal and take your training to the next level!

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